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    Censored for [censored]

    Astro14, Please show me where I have cursed? I've never used a dirty/obscene word on the internet much less this website. I've had dirty oil check out my UOA. Never sir! I do agree about keeping the board clean. Ms.Helen has that right and I commend her for that. Censored, Pajero!
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    Censored for [censored]

    I know what to do! Censored, Pajero!
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    Censored for [censored]

    I was censored for the word Hel, I didn't create the word. So I now expect the word "Heaven" to be censored as well! I'm sorry but I understand curse words, but this is ridiculous! The context was Walmart! Censored, Pajero!
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    How to get the online price at Walmart?

    The local [censored]-mart manager told me that .com and the store are two different divisions and won't price match. The cashier told me that wasn't true! The local store is horrible for customer service. Helmart is the only place I know where when you steal from them they don't trespass you...
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    Amsoil ANT 100K, 04 Chevy Tahoe 235K miles

    Where did you get the coolant analyzed and price please? Thank you! Respectfully, Pajero!
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    Schaeffer's on "Wicked Tuna"

    The Soy Ultra is great. It is great as an Upper Chamber/Fuel Pump lubricant. Respectfully, Pajero!
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    AMSOIL Euro Classic 5W-40 (EFM)

    I purchased aforementioned from Pablo. Haven't used it yet. It's on my list. I read great reviews prior to purchase. But, I don't have first hand knowledge. Good luck with your endeavor! Respectfully, Pajero!
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    Royal Purple oil filter

    Interesting! Exterior are robust and very well made. At least we have some numbers from company. Thanks for posting! Respectfully, Pajero!
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    Elon Musk calls Thai Rescue Diver a "Pedo Guy"

    Indeed! Respectfully, Pajero!
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    The meaning of POP

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: 4WD</div><div class="ubbcode-body"><div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: buster</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Correct, PoP. </div></div> Wait, it’s a motor oil site, so Proof of...
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    The meaning of POP

    The English language is always changing and evolving! Context is everything. And syntax. Respectfully, Pajero!
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    CarQuest R85085 9760 miles

    Looks good sha! Thanks for postings. Respectfully, Pajero!
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    Reason For Being Cheap?

    I learned a long time ago. You get what you pay for! Now and then I get lucky with something that is incidentally cheap. At least with tools, oil, and parts. In my humble opinion of course. Respectfully, Pajero!
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    Dealer want $276 for trans flush

    The Stealer! Are you certain they use actual Subaru oil or spec equivalent? A few years back, I called the local Mitsu Stealer. They didn't have a flush machine and didn't believe they were necessary. This may have changed, but I didn't agree. Every application is different and unique et...