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    Purolator L14477 Cut Open (Torn Media)

    A Hastings filter from Rockauto. Cheap, but hopefully better than a torn filter.
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    Purolator L14477 Cut Open (Torn Media)

    This filter came off my 2.2L Toyota Celica after 3600 miles and 6 months of use. I was using Napa synthetic 5w-30 oil, and decided to change it after replacing my valve cover gasket yesterday. This is one of the white painted Purolators with the newer louvered center tubes. Previously I thought...
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    Will these rotors be ok after some hard braking?

    Buy new rotors. I actually had a car where the rotors rusted this badly, and I drove it. The brakes were almost useless for a few miles, but gradually got better as the rust was scraped off. However, there was a pretty bad pedal pulsation that remained long after the rust had cleared off. My...
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    Who else has hit rock bottom?

    If you're thinking of sleeping in your car for a bit, you should probably do so in another city (or state). You might be better off cutting ties with your family if they really are this bad. It's a big world outside with lots of places to live and work, and lots of decent people around. I've...
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    What oil for '82 VW Rabbit/Mk1?

    My brother owns one of these Mk1's with the 1.7L. We've had good service using 20w-50 castrol high mileage or valvoline maxlife. Haven't tried rotella yet, but I imagine it would be a very good choice. I would stay away from full synthetics, especially mobil 1 15w-50. The two times we used that...
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    Valvoline Nextgen Flop

    When the Nextgen stuff first hit the store shelves I remember thinking no way would I put that in my engine. Especially since it was priced the same as the regular Valvoline. Obviously I know better now, and I've used lots of it when stores started putting it on the clearance table. Anyway I'm...
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    2001 Saab 9-3 MTF

    I was wondering what kind of fluid to use in the manual transmission on an 01 Saab 9-3. The manual says it's a "lifetime" fluid, but it's already got a lot of miles on it and needs a change. I'm reading that it's either Saab Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid or MTF 0063. These fluids are...
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    QS3600 FIlter Cut Open

    This Quaker State filter was on my buddy's Dodge Ram for a year and a half. The engine burns so much oil it just gets a continuous oil change from topping it off, but I finally pulled the filter off after all this time. This one has a glued seam, and I didn't see any tears in the paper: <a...
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    Old Microguard FIlter Cut Open

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: RF Overlord</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Was the ADBV still flexible? </div></div> No, it was pretty stiff. It still held some oil in it though.
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    Old Microguard FIlter Cut Open

    Here's an old microguard filter off a 2.4l Grand Am. The car wasn't exactly maintained (the filter was on there long enough that the can was getting rusty): <a href="" target="_blank"><img...
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    Fram Toughguard Failure (well, almost..)

    That screen seems like a good feature though, it trapped some metal shavings that could have gone through the bypass valve.
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    Fram Toughguard Failure (well, almost..)

    Cut open (because I love you so much): <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /></a>...
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    Fram Toughguard Failure (well, almost..)

    I used to think toughguards were decent, until I pulled this filter off a Toyota today: <a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""...
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    Pennzoil Ultra 0w-40

    The last time I went to a parts store I saw Pennzoil Ultra 0w-40 on the shelf. Looking on the bottle, it mentioned being used for Dodge SRT engines. I didn't see any European approvals like BMW LL-01 or VW 502 listed. How is this oil different from Mobil 1 or Castrol 0w-40?
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    Universal Radiator Fan Removal

    I have a car with a cheap radiator fan that I need to remove. It looks like it's held in with serrated plastic pins that go through the radiator itself: <a href="" target="_blank"><img...