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    Heroes of Paris carnage

    You are so right I thought the same thing.
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    6 Cops in Freddie Gray Death Now Facing Charges

    So now we can assume the Secret Service is not the only police dept. that gets into trouble if a black man dies!!!
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    Cop stomps kids teeth out

    I love the line heard Sat. "The secret service is the only police dept. that gets in trouble if a black man dies"
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    Iranian navy intercepted US-flagged ship.

    I use to watch Fox until election night when they had Romney winning Ohio. I realized they only report things people want to hear. No Go Zones is an example. Paris sued them. I really feel sorry for people who watch this lie and do not realize and then report what they see and hear. Can you...
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    Britain crude oil discovery.. Could be huge!

    This could be huge......that's what the bride said.
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    Our police made the news

    But my friend without the cell phone camera the police got away with murder so where do we go from here?
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    Our police made the news

    Until police can make filming them going from excessive to lethal illegal these will appear almost every month. Even if you think following the law you are still open to this. Now this has made their job even harder having to be sure nobody is watching. Police in Chicago are trying to make...
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    NYPD back in the news again, and it's not good

    This has existed since the early 50's. Except this flaming a hole gets on CNN.
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    Starbucks stops 'Race Together' campaign on cups

    Great we have sources here on a motor oil website that can zero in on the essential cause of things happening! How about insight on making bread?
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    Starbucks stops 'Race Together' campaign on cups

    Is there a mental hospital in Mittelfranken? Dennis Miller there is a career going through the ceiling. Will Dennis appear anywhere in Mittlefranken De. ?
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    Dry Eyes

    No it is not the cost that is the problem it is the results!! Of the tests !!! Never fool with the eyes>> IMHO
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    Dry Eyes

    Go to an eye doctor they have now plugs that keep the tears in eye. It takes about 4 seconds to put them in. using cheap liquids is like using cheap oil you find in dollar store makes no sense lose your vision lose your life. VA has to direct you to cheapest for them or Doc. is history . You get...
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    Toyota recall

    Toyota is living on the reputation and someday that will end. Not a good one even what Consumer Report says.
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    Which Auto Manufacturer Provides Best Service?

    Today at Subaru Grand Prix in Hicksville LI the service person started to up sell me and stopped in the middle of the pitch looked at me and left. I was remembered from last time! Today I am proud they knew to stop the you know what!! I worry that some are so in the dark and they drove there and...