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    Stuck/broken bolt advice

    Drill it and extract it; mentioned clearly. Twice now.
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    Stuck/broken bolt advice

    That would be a very bad idea for a number of reasons. Drill it and extract it. You can google this. Also, if you are going to attempt things like this, learn the techniques to remove frozen bolts - heat, impact, etc. Again, in this day and age, google is your friend and it's really easy to...
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    Weirdly appropriate USPS "gun" stamp

    16" rifles, 50 caliber, Mk. VII. Combined with SG radar, awesome. A ripple-fired turret could straddle a target on the first salvo at 20,000 yards (11 miles) by 1944. Ask the crew of the IJN Yamashiro how well that worked for them - albeit with 16/45's, not the same as the 16/50's as on the...
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    Weirdly appropriate USPS "gun" stamp

    After fighting some intertia, I got around to re-upping my FFL. I used my normal method(s) of acquiring a USPS first-class stamp in this mostly digital age. Which is either: a) Bumming one from a more organized female family or household member, or b) When very desperate, driving to the post...
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    Any great "all-Japanese" or pan-Asian parts houses/suppliers?

    I need to so some suspension work on a Lexus. I wish I could find a reliable place to just be comfortable going to for things, like I can with European cars. For example, I can go to RM European, FCP Euro, etc. for European makes and not have to comparison shop a lot. I know I can always wade...
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    Need recommendation for brake rotors Lexus GS 350

    Personally, I always turn OE rotors unless they are out of spec. The low cost of turning them vs. retaining the high original quality equipment is my choice. They should be able to be turned at least once w/only 45k miles on them if used reasonably.
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    KYB or OEM Toyota shocks?

    Definitely I vote KYB. I have a pair on a Lexus and they've been outstanding for 100k miles so far, not remotely thinking of changing them yet. Lexus OE is supposedly the KYB just valved a little softer. Also have them on my SUV; took the Monroe Sensa-a-Trac off after 15k miles, they were...
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    Glazed Pads

    Not going to change w/o doing something differently. He could try re-bedding; I have had that work with lightly glazed pads. Perhaps he rides his brakes a bit in town so much? That would cause it. Clear road, do some HARD stops 60 down to 30. Drive back up to 60 and repeat, with about a mile...
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    Clip of the only old CHiPs episode where a patrolman pulled his gun out

    Danny Bonaduce is now a daytime DJ on a local classic rock radio station, I hear him a few days a week when driving. And WHAT? No love for that classic Dodge Monaco? What a tough crowd here... ;)
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    Landscaping advice - flagstone walkway edging

    Well it got decided before I even got moving this morning; dad went to a few places and scared up a bunch of Viggoro fiberboard edging and 500lbs of pea gravel. Putting in the edging isn't a big deal, but digging out the soil enough to make a depression for the gravel is tedious work. And my...
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    Landscaping advice - flagstone walkway edging

    The metal edging looks better than the plastic I have seen; wasn't aware of that.
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    Landscaping advice - flagstone walkway edging

    I need to install some edging on this flagstone walkway to keep it clear of grass. I can't come up with anything brilliant other than to put in some plastic edging and then fill it with pea gravel. Any other great ideas? We laid it about 15 years ago and it's been fine, but the last several...
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    High speed driving

    I read a serious engineering article a few years ago that estimated 5,000 miles of highway driving was roughly equal in wear and tear to 800 miles of stop/go city driving. So keep on truckin'. And if you feel the juice, join a convoy. Just keep a look out for the long haired hippies in a...
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    Fords (Big Red)

    I read this article on Big Red just this morning, regarding it's current location and condition:
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    Can a transmission solenoid be bad but still work?

    My understanding of that gen Honda (had a 2003 a while) is that the rubber seals on the solenoids harden prematurely vs. other makes; poor material choice/quality control issue at the root. I had good success softening them with additives - may or not be a long time solution. But just some...