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    Astro, What Do You Make Of This ??

    Some business can’t be done over Teams or Zoom, Greyhound is more or less a way for some states to ship the homeless to California and Amtrak moves at a glacial pace(unless you’re on the Northeast Corridor of PA/NJ/NY/MA/DC/DE/VA or the SoCal corridor that’s used by the Pacific Surfliner from...
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    Post your latest beer consumption

    A Yuengling at the United Club lounge at Newark. Don’t mind the stuffed cat.
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    No more Fram at Wall-Mart??

    Fram Group, before the Trico merger had an licensing deal to let AAP use the Fram brand for oil and fluids. You can still find Fram filters at Walmart, AFAIK.
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    Astro, What Do You Make Of This ??

    I was reading up on that - but does United want their prospective students to have flight experience first or will they train someone without?
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    Best ATF to use in Power Steering system.

    Clean and meets OE requirements is how I feel. I used MaxLife/M1/Red Line D4 ATF for the ATF systems and the specific fluid for everything else.
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    What are your favorite aircraft . Fantasizing which would we like to own ?

    If I took up flying, an Aero Subaru or a Cessna 172. I wonder if Saab made civilian planes besides the 340? But fantasy if I won Powerball? It’ll have to be a G650, or formerly commercial 777. The former would be much more practical to live with.
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    New Canadian Passenger Airline Lynx Air's INAUGURAL FLIGHT

    While I’m a Southwest person through and through when I do need to fly, I was on a American A321neo this week between SFO-PHL. Even though I was in economy(Main Cabin), and the airlines are going towards thin line seats I felt the Airbus cabin doesn’t seem as “tight” as Boeing on the 737. You...
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    Quicksilver (Mercury Marine) 35-802886O (Ford FL-1A)

    BPV is the Champ “clicker” design and not the usual poppet valve we see on Frams and Puro filters. It works on “oil canning” at a certain PSI range. There were people dismissing these(and the combo ADBV/BPV used on E-cores) when they were introduced in the early 2000s.
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    Post your latest beer consumption

    Greetings from Philly.
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    FRAM PH4967

    The only wildcard would be Subarus - they do have a filter for the turbo EJ20/25(PH9715) but calls for a 3593A/6607/7317 for others. While the rest of the aftermarket have the “correct” filter.
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    Your favorite washer fluid

    I do the same thing or 303 Tablets and a gallon of distilled or purified water(which in CA, is RO water unless it has minerals for taste).
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    The wife needs a new (used) car

    And make sure your cat is secured.
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    WRX vs. Elantra N vs. Civic Si vs. GTI

    Personally, I’d get the Subaru. Yes, WRXs are driven by boy racers but Uber drivers drive Hyundais and all the accidents Uber drivers get into if no one is in the car(on the clock but not “working”) are driving up insurance rates. Yes, unless you’re married, insurance companies will also screw...
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    Strike two for Ford

    If Elon Musk reads this forum, drop your bid for Twitter. Buy out Toyota, kill the Prius, Corolla, Camry, FR-S, BMW-based Supra and Tundra and make Toyota great again.
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    Can Fuel treatment cleaner help with fuel pump's longevity?

    In older cars, replacing the fuel filter helps protect the injectors but less pressure pushing through it is always a good thing. New cars have returnless fuel systems but the 1/4 tank rule works still to keep the pump cool. The fuel pump in modern cars is in a module and submerged in fuel at...