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    Attempting to swap the Jetta...

    In 2000 I bought a new Jetta S with a M/T. After about a year, son #2 at college takes it to a Carmax one day to get an appraisal on a trade in. Ends up a front fender had been repainted before I took delivery. Without calling the sales department, I contacted the body shop at the selling dealer...
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    Ecogard X4612 (WIX 51358, NAPA ) vs correct WIX 57002 on 2014 2.0L I4 Mazda 3

    The X4612 is the right filter for that car, and it's probably better than many filters used by quickie lube shops.
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    Ever bought a car sight unseen?

    I've done it four times from an internet ad. A 1990 Nissan 300Z in North Jersey, a 1996 Isuzu Trooper in Norfolk VA, a 1998 Acura TL in Springfield IL and a 1987 Alfa Romeo Veloce in Birmingham AL. No real problems with any of them.
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    Subaru 2.5 Change Interval

    MoneyJohn has it right: Because folks from past 'generation' (2011-2016 IIRC) were complaining that their vehicles are oil burners. Subaru says a quart of oil loss per OC interval is OK but folks were not buying it. So they lowered OC interval for newer vehicles. I had a 2015 Outback 2.5...
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    Casual Walking Shoes

    New Balance and Footjoy are my favorites.
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    Shooting Range in Basement

    Like others have said here, you'll have to deal with accepted levels of lead allowed by the state or federal government, especially when you or your heirs sell the house. That could get expensive if the shooting room needs to be environmentally scrubbed. Or maybe you could just seal the room off...
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    Is a Wix engine air filter a suitable replacement for a 2018 Toyota Corolla OEM filter?

    I see that the so called "molded" or frameless style of filter fits some Toyota and Lexus models now. Just bought a Fram 10171 for the Camry and it's all white, pleated and molded with no outer frame.
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    Virgin Federated Auto Parts PG4476F Oil Filter Cut Open

    Nice C&P and a good looking filter for $3, even if it is a Punjabi filter. And Federated stores do have some decent sales.
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    Oil filter warranty and claim in the case of .....

    With your powertrain warranty, why not play it safe and buy your filters from the Mitsu dealer? The price difference is peanuts over 10 years.
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    Diehard is back. At Advance.

    Outrageous Diehard prices at Advance. I almost died laughing.
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    235/45-18 Mastercraft LSR Grand Touring

    Putting four New Michelin shoes on a 10 year old car with almost 200K miles is not something I'd do. But I would keep up with rotations every 5-6K miles. I had Ironman tires (made by Cooper) on a 2013 Accord LX that did fine for the two years I owned the car. Your alignment guy claiming Coopers...
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    In the Market for an Affordable Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

    As you know, USA production of major appliances has taken a bit hit from the pandemic. Many are backordered. We have a 22.6 cubic foot Amana bottom freezer that's 17 years old. It cost $1,800 in 2003 because they were relatively new on the market then. It's only needed one minor repair in 17...
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    Infiniti FX50 PSF Foaming, overflowing and making noise.

    If the PS pump is not covered by a parts warranty, I'd suck it up and shop for a Nissan/Infiniti pump and go back to using Nissan PS fluid. I hope you didn't have a remanufactured pump from an outfit like Cardone or A1. If so, that likely would explain your problem. An option would be a brand...
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    Post your latest oil purchase or even filter.

    The pressure test is the main QC measurement of oil filters made in Asia, correct? Thought so. It's my personal choice to buy oil filters made by Champion Laboratories, a long established American company, compared to buying something that came from some random, unknown factory sweat shop...
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    Post your latest oil purchase or even filter.

    Well, if you think passing an ISO something something air pressure test is good enough for you, that's you. It's not the QC I look for.