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    Crawfish Boil

    Facebook will censor you though . Jerks ..
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    Getting even when neighbors despise each other...

    It would be a shame if Fred's truck caught on fire .
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    Smart water heater timers.

    We haven't washed laundry in hot water for decades . There's a savings right there .
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    How long do you drain your motor oil?

    Back when I was doing it myself , I would wait until it got down to one drop every 15 seconds or thereabouts .
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    Early Risers

    It's been nearly four years and I still wake up early . I think I have some kind of power company PTSD . When the weather get's bad I get antsy , waiting on the phone to ring .
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    One step away from the Stone Age

    In the South , weather and temperatures have little influence on building codes .
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    Some households in Texas face electricity bills of $10,000

    Which British company is that ?
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    Any other short changers out there?

    My Nissan Titan has a 5K mile oil change reminder that shows up on the dash . No OLM or alternate maintenance schedule . 5K miles and that's it . And 0w-20 synthetic oil . They keep it simple .
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    Walmart/Amazon selling lesser quality tires under same listing?

    I remember this same thing being said about their gun sales . Same brand , model number , etc. but built to a lower quality . Total nonsense . I ordered a rifle through Walmart two different times . Both of them came from the same distributor that the local gunshops use . Imagine that ...
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    Oil Change - Hot or Cold

    I've done both . No noticeable effect on my engine either way . But , this is BITOG ...
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    Symptoms of bad breaker. Lost all loads

    If you are are competent with a multi-meter , you need to start doing voltage checks starting at the breaker .
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    jump starting with donor vehicle running or off?

    My latest experience jumping off brother in law's truck . My truck was not running . Connected the cables . Tried his truck and it barely bumped . Told my wife to crank my truck . Tried his again and it cranked . Heavy duty cables . I've seen this many times .
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    Amsoil - Worth it?

    Somehow I've managed to own and maintain vehicles for nearly 50 years without using anything more exotic than Mobil 1 and very little of that even . NEVER an oil related issue . YMMV .