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    BITOG Donation Thread

    Wayne adds it within a day or so.
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    Post milestone or just plain fun odometer pics!

    Do dealership loaner cars count? 🤣 2021 Elantra
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    Got a plain thermostat or a fancy one in your house?

    Just a $35 programmable one. No advantage here to spend $250 on a fancy one other than for it to look cool in the hallway. I never touch it, except to switch from heat to cool and vice versa a couple times a year.
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    100% Random Pictures

    Sunrise pic I took at work a couple weeks ago.
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    BITOG Donation Thread

    Lol I have no idea, I’m not a moderator.
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    BITOG Donation Thread

    Yup, that’s why I mentioned it can be reoccurring monthly. So if someone wanted to donate $50 a year, but doesn’t want to do it with that lump sum, it’s as simple as can be to make it $4-$5 a month.
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    Things That Make You Go "Hmmmm....."

    George Carlin asked if you take the wings off of a fly, is it called a walk?
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    Do you have your home HVAC system maintained?

    Nope, they’ll just want to upsell on stuff. I hose it out twice a year and spray some coil cleaner in there.
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    People born in the wrong decade

    I'm a little different I think. I like the tech, I bought my Genesis which was the most tech I could possibly get for the money. All the radar and lane keep assist stuff, screens, 12 way power adjustable seats etc. But I also appreciate the simplicity of my Jeep. It has no features at all...
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    if your kid wanted to put in a camera system to watch you, what would you think?

    Ask her “Hey mom, what do you think about us getting one of those security cameras? That way we can check on you if we haven’t heard from you.” Everyone is different. My grandpa doesn’t care at all.
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    What're your home thermostat settings?

    73 year round. In the summer it’s programmed to go to 74 during the day. I don’t set it any warmer because when it’s 115 outside, houses can’t cool down much until after the sun goes down, so I keep it where it’s comfortable so I don’t die of heat stroke when I get home.
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    Am i the only one really disliking SUVs?

    They’re typically very reliable, but sometimes they do have problems. My Jeep’s was worn and set a misfire code. Once it got a new chain without all the slack, it was fine. Had 130k miles or so.
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    Do Range Rovers come with Mastercraft Tires?

    I don’t think so. Fancier cars wear out tires much faster than standard cars for some reason. My Genesis’ rears were almost bald at 15k miles.
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    Mans bestest friend....

    This is Toby, holding his food scoop.
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    Help with a body shop issue

    Progressive wanted you to buy parts for the body shop? So what’s the parts guy at the body shop do? Play with puzzles? Jenga? 1 person black jack? When I got rear ended I dropped my car off on Friday and got a call Thursday the next week that it was ready to be picked up. My only communication...