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    2000-2001 GMC Yukon XL (Suburban)

    Ck when you turn for the knocking intermediate steering shaft. There is an updated shaft available. (May just be 1/2 tons?) Also the gage clusters are prone to have problems. Other than that, pretty solid trucks.
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    2012 Ninja 250 engine speed issue

    I just hit 1800 miles, and I realize that I have both problems. The inaccurate tach reading, and the high idle tach reading you are talking about. Not only that, my fuel gage, which never was the bastion of accuracy now won't read over 1/2 tank when topped off. Back to the dealer.
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    Would you buy this car? 1975 Stingray Vette

    To have the outside and interior looking pretty nice, it's odd that the heater core is bypassed, horrible edlelbrock valve covers. On the flip side, it is a Stingray. If the price was right...
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    Economy, Plus and Premium grade gasoline

    I echo the sentiments on the Cruze. 93 octane pays for itself in my case, especially in mostly highway driving. But it's not spec'd in the owner's manual.
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    2012 Ninja 250 engine speed issue

    The local dealer is great. Kawasaki is the one throwing stuff in the hope that something sticks.
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    2012 Ninja 250 engine speed issue

    The Ninja 250 forums say it's the electronic control unit. Haven't given them a second shot at it yet. Don't much like my bike being used for a guinea pig. But I don't much like seeing over 10,000 rpm at 70mph, either.
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    2012 Ninja 250 engine speed issue

    The reason I ask is that I'm having a somewhat similar issue. After riding a few minutes my rpm slowly starts climbing at steady speeds (on the tach only) when it's warm outside. The clutch is not slipping and the engine rpm is not actually climbing. Kawasaki (not the dealer) diagnosed it as...
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    Delivery at the factory

    In the case of a domestic, you still pay shipping (thanks UAW!) If you buy a ZR1 Vette, there is an option to help assemble the engine. There are not tours or admission to the Camaro factory. If you work there, you can get fired for taking pics.
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    2012 Ninja 250 engine speed issue

    I have a '12 Ninja 250 as well. Is the rpm going up when hot, or just the tach reading?
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    My 5.3 is using a lot of oil

    Also, oil companies have been know to change formulations with no notification. Castrol (for some reason) has helped with oil consumption in many cases for me.
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    WD-40 in the suspension

    The best stuff I have ever found is called Ru-Glide. Lasts a long, long time. I forgot who makes it (one of the oil companies, Shell, Citgo, ect). A few parts stores carry it.
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    Dodge challengers breaking timing chains

    Aah, the PCM reflash that will stop it from going in MDS as often <img src="/forums/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="smile" title="smile" height="15" width="15" />
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    Anyone drive a 09-12 Avalanche?? Comments!!

    5.3 engine gets oil change every 4k, no matter what oil you use unless you want probs with AFM. Avalanche is a good truck. I think the image only shows in the nav screen. A good protectant and keeping wax off of the black plastic keeps it nice and black.
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    Window tint in Kansas City

    Find out what legal % is and stay behind it. You don't want to be getting pulled over all the time. It's a pain in the rear, and can get real expensive. Many places will put on illegal tint and leave you to deal with it.
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    PM for 5.3 with AFM?

    The shorter OCI is a must. 4500 miles is a max. 4000 is much better. If it's using no oil, you're probably ok. May I also suggest only top tier fuels? A few cents more a gallon, and worth every penny.