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    Question for the Sea Shell experts

    We call that a Toheroa - it used to be a big day when the season they are banned.
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    New tool thread

    I got another set of Knipex pliers today - the Wurth lady walked in with them. Back in the '70's I had a pair of end nippers, and found them useful. They disappeared over time and a some years ago I got some Heyco end nippers - totally useless, and have sat in my pliers draw doing nothing ever...
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    Diesel car or SUV dead?

    Diesel is cheaper than petrol here, but diesel has no tax at the pump, it's paid varying rates, large trucks pay more etc. They have reduced petrol tax at the pump, and are now reducing the diesel tax...short term of course. But no one would buy a petrol ute...I don't even think...
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    Mitsubishi best selling brand in NZ

    When we had CKD assembly plants here, every vehicle rusted out. Now the Triton comes from Thailand, and everything else from Japan - quality is superb, and there is no rust. There are a lot of Hondas on our roads, we have 3 in our family....but most are imported used from Japan. We import...
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    Mitsubishi best selling brand in NZ

    I find it strange the bad rep Mitsubishi gets on this site....they obviously don't sell well in the USA. But last month Mitsubishi had the highest vehicle sales in New Zealand. 4 of the top 15 sellers were Mitsubishi. Where are Honda ?
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    Loss of shift smoothness (oil related, not mechanical).

    As I mentioned, the oil filter in an Airhead can be a problem, you need to check it carefully when you change it. So noticing a vibration straight after an oil change, it was the first place I looked. The vibration may have been there before the oil change, or come 1,000km after it, but why at...
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    What is the opinion on castrol here on bitog?

    Perhaps I should've said BP not marketed in my country. My lease stipulated that I use BP oils - they charged so much for it I stocked other brands....nothing was mentioned. Yes, honest with the specs...I see sometimes people think the 5W-30 A3/B4 is not a good oil because Castrol say it's only...
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    Loss of shift smoothness (oil related, not mechanical).

    And in the riders head, it only happened just after the oil change. My bike developed a vibration last year....just after an oil and filter change. Dropped the Castrol and put in some Penrite, double checked my oil filter (Airhead, they have a $2000 O ring, up to $5000 now with inflation), and...
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    Loss of shift smoothness (oil related, not mechanical).

    No, the clutch - when people change the oil and later the clutch's the oil fault. Have a look at the clutch, more than likely it's worn.
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    Loss of shift smoothness (oil related, not mechanical).

    Well, I will back him up on the clutch slip - it's usually a worn clutch, and the oil change is just a coincidence. Just saying....your results might differ.
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    What is the opinion on castrol here on bitog?

    Castrol is owned by BP these days, and BP no longer markets lubricating oils. So Castrol is known as a lubricating oil brand, they don't do anything else, and I think they are held in high regard (in markets other than the US) because of this. You don't pull into a service station and use the...
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    How bad do you think it is to get engine oil, atf, brake fluids on your skin?

    52 years as a mechanic and have never worn gloves - I'm going to die...someday.
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    Miniature poodle mauled by a pit bull at dog park

    This happened here yesterday too. There people, and there are dogs, both need training. I have a friend who works at the local pound, she came to...
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    For Mercedes experts: W203 and W211 reliability

    W202 is when the decline started...the bio degradable wiring loom. The car was still solid and reliable as always, but they went cheap on electrics and plastic, which was now hard and brittle.