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    To buy a town & country or not

    Parents have an '11 bought new. I think it's close to 70K mileage wise now. Replacing the liftgate struts and its about due for rear pads have been it so far (knock on wood). Even though its smaller it is more comfortable to ride in than their previous Astros surprisingly. Less overall space...
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    alternator- new or remanufactured?

    The new units at Advance USED to be supplied by Remy. If it is 'Made in Mexico' it will be the same as getting a new production unit. The older applications are sometimes made in China instead and are relabled aftermarket stuff.
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    40 weightoil make an air cooled engine runhotter?

    I have a cheap pressure washer with a 4hp B&S that would get so hot it would diesel on shutoff with the speced SAE30. Using T6 is has never done that so it obviously runs cooler on 5W40.
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    Pay as you go phones & Verizon cell towers?

    I use the G and E's cousin the moto x on Verizon on a contract plan and its hands down the best phone I've ever had. The moto series of smartphones are almost like a best kept secret since they work great but everybody goes right past them looking for there Apple or Samsung.
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    B&S 18HP mower burns oil and stalls when hot

    My dad's Cub Cadet with an 18.5 one lunger Intek has also had the head pulled twice for this issue. It burned copious amounts of oil each time. B&S essentially skipped a head bolt location that causes the gasket to fail between the pushrod gallery and the cylinder. On the plus side they are easy...
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    B&S 18HP mower burns oil and stalls when hot

    If this a the Intek single cyl. 18HP head gasket is quite likely
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    Static Oil change reminders

    Stadetler Lumocolor permanent markers. I buy them at Michaels in a set usually. Also work better than a Sharpie on CD-Rs as well
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    Over the Range Microwave/Hood Combo

    Samsung, LG, Sharp and Panasonic are probably the only firms that still actually manufacture the units they are selling You. Amana at least used to make reliable units. Their built in models were already sourced from Korea by the 90s I know. Currently have an LG built Maytag built in has been...
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    Need a pre wax polish recommendation.

    3M products are my favorite. Perfect-it III compound for scratches, Imperial hand glaze for polishing, and perfect-it "show car" wax to finish. Usually have to be bought from an automotive paint store but work great and not all that pricey for the results
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    Radiator Fan - Replace?

    Cooling fan failures are very common on the police model Impalas. We always keep them in stock at work since our local SO has a mostly Impala fleet. Many are able to get by with just the motors and blades but YMMV.
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    2012 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec-V

    Car is definitely from FL. Came from nearby Pensacola judging from the Sansing sticker on back
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    Anyone replace heater hoses just because?

    I once replaced all hoses and the heater core on old Achieva I used as a work car. The heater cores had plastic tubes prone to rupture and the car had the infamous Quad 4 which could likely become scrap if it were overheated.
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    new 2015 gmc sierra 5.3 oil recomendation

    The dealer oil filter will be the PF63E. That's all we get anymore part no. 19330000. Oil is ACDelco Dexos blend which is made by Mobil.
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    A "What Would You Do" $20 oil change

    The Smitty's oils are kind of like Mystik/Citgo oils. They are not real common on the road but have been around forever making oils and fluids sold at the farm store which always do their job quite well.
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    OEM or not?

    ACDelco or Delphi bought off Amazon or RockAuto is sometimes similar in price to a cheaper brand bought from a parts house.