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    5 year old microwave died

    Current ge microwave and range hood is 25 years old this year, still works great. Replaced the door handle once, but thats been it...
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    That's all great, and I'm all for giving folks a second chance. In this case (mypillow), in his second chance he's been sued for false claims related to his products and settled for a million bucks, and had his BBB rating dropped to an F for misleading sales tatics... Best of luck.
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    They've been called out on all sorts of their claims, and their marketing has not been completely above board either. Their owner has well, an interesting past... I'd steer clear...
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    Newer F150's headlights

    2021's you get LED's with the 302A package on the XLT, and Lariats and up. About time they put LED's on an XLT, even if it is only at the 302A level. I get flashed all the time in my 2016 F150 XLT with halogens... never understood how such bad headlights result in me getting flashed all the...
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    Would you really help out a STRANGER Jump Start / Change Flat Tire / Buy Gas ?

    For people who actually need help, and assessing the situation, I have no problem helping with a jump, a push, or help with a tire. I've done two jumps just this year. If the situation isn't right, I'll help get someone who can help and that's it... And I summarize it one word: Karma.
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    7-Eleven Owner to Buy Marathon’s Speedway for $21 Billion

    The three speedways you mention you've delivered to were all damaged in the riots this summer. Not exactly voluntary investment in their facilities. They've been busy rebuilding many of the locations that burned this summer - and there were a lot of them. Within 20 miles as the crow flies I...
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    Mazda No. 1 in Consumer Reports 2020 auto reliability survey

    Agree with the other comments on rust. Maybe they've fixed it, but some of the cars from the mid 2000's have terrible rust problems. Tough to say its fixed now - otherwise the ones I've driven in and ridden in are nice vehicles.
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    Reason for the high furnace replacement cost

    So a gas dryer. you connect the gas hose to an existing gas connection, connect the vent to the existing vent location, often using either simple bends or metal flex hose. A furnace means removing the old furnace, gas connection, and electrical connection (that is not a plug) from the custom...
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    Engine Start/Stop Vehicles

    I'll just point out that most auto parts stores do carry some starters in stock. There may be reasons for that. It isn't because they never fail. I've personally owned 8 vehicles, and replaced two starters along the way. Start managing a fleet and your eyes will be opened...
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    Stupid 2015 F-150 Brake Service Questions

    Ford MAY have, but the aftermarket is full of the pads with the ears on them, and the F150 boards for the 2015+ trucks still see posts from folks asking what they did wrong when the pads aren't contacting the rotors correctly... Also will note that the Ford Manuals state that a lot of fasteners...
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    Engine Start/Stop Vehicles

    So to the fact a truck had to have a starter replaced when it had... checks notes... 135,000 miles on it. Guess I'm wondering how this is any different than the non start stop trucks that have their starters replaced? When I was helping run our fleet with a variety of trucks from 1/2 tons to...
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    Stupid 2015 F-150 Brake Service Questions

    If you don't know, the inside and outside pads are different. Make sure you install them correctly or they won't contact the rotor correctly. Pay attention when you take the old pads off :) No need for brake service mode if only doing the fronts. The parking brake on most 2.7 F150's is...
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    Engine Start/Stop Vehicles

    4.5 years, 67,000 miles in and the Battery is still original and things work just fine on my 2016 F150 with the 2.7 that comes with Start Stop. You start to realize how much time you spend idling when you start driving with one of these... YMMV...
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    Rock Auto playing games with me on shipping

    How do you know with certainty that locations A and B are the same in your different carts?
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    Trailer towing & tongue weight

    Time to look for a truck scale nearby. Lots of unknowns and guesses at this point. The actual weight of the boat and trailer isn't a known if they haven't been scaled. You may have ballparks based on manufacturer data, but nothing beats actually scaling it. That being said, having some...