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    You can still get a 6.5 foot bed with the crew cab on the 15+ trucks. It will have a 5.0 or 3.5 engine though - they don't come with the 2.7 or I would have gotten one... (And to be clear in the 4x4 version of the truck).
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    Hate to say it but if you want a 5.0 with a 6.5 foot bed, you are looking for a bit of a unicorn and you best bring bitcoin or gold when you go to buy it. Point being used truck pricing has truly gone insane right now and this was a combo that commanded a premium to begin with.
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    Ford offering 2.9% for 36 months or 8.9% for 84 months

    Funny how folks still can't figure out that Ford doesn't need to have low rates at the moment - they are short on cars to sell as it is with the Chip shortages. Tough to sell cars you don't have, and if you are going to sell them it doesn't hurt to line your pocket at the same time... And as...
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    Fuel flowing through the Pipeline

    Couple of thoughts. It may be 1600 miles from Texas to New Jersey - but the pipeline does not follow a straight line distance between them - there are a lot of turns - and they all add length. Also, recognize that the line is actually two pipelines that parallel each other, plus branches -...
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    Expired Tires Blamed for Double Fatality

    Remind me to pick a one state stretch of highway and then claim look at all these fatal accidents recently while citing articles back to 2003 to try to make a point about a road being dangerous... Reality is Utah is actually pretty safe overall as compared to other states... All that in a post...
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    Where does your gasoline come from?

    The Twin Cities Market has four or five "normal" sources. -Flint Hills Resources Refinery: Located in Rosemount, MN. Capacity of 375,000 barrels of crude per day -Marathon St Paul Park Refinery: In St. Paul Park,. Capacity of 104,000 barrels of crude per day -We are connected to the...
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    2WD pickup with front locker. What's the point?

    Speaking from experience with our 2WD superduties with the lockers - no. Not on sloppy mud on a construction site or on wet grass on a slope. In both scenarios, the whole rear end of the truck slides. It has more to do with the total lack of weight on the rear tires when unloaded, and the...
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    2WD pickup with front locker. What's the point?

    The 2WD F250's get the same hub covers as the 4WD. The "bar" is just FORD written out. On the 4WD, the "bar" can go away and be replaced by manual hubs. Look at the rears - they are identical to the fronts on the 2WD. Besides as was pointed out - what you think you are seeing is not a locker...
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    2WD pickup with front locker. What's the point?

    No, it doesn't say or show a front locking hub. Its a 2WD truck with a rear locker. The hubcaps/covers mean nothing. Our 2WD F250's at work look identical, and we have tow hooks on them... Speaking from experience, it takes very little to get them stuck. Wet grass or slightly slick mud, and...
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    Ford offering 2.9% for 36 months or 8.9% for 84 months

    yes. both credit unions I use are under 2.9, and one is under 1.9 for new auto loans. The big bank on my new loan is under 2 as well.
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    Ford offering 2.9% for 36 months or 8.9% for 84 months

    Buckle up. Inflation time is here, and its now the lead edge of the wave. On top of that, Ford (as well as many other manufacturers) knows that they have limited supply in the pipeline right now and demand is high. Pricing and loans will start to (and in many cases is) reflecting lack of...
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    Traded in two vehicles, and bought a new truck

    Something similar will be in my future when my current 2016 F150 with the 2.7 is replaced. Pretty impressed with the powerboost...
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    2021 Ford Explorer Timberline

    Its the Cherokee versus the Grand Cherokee brand crisis all over again... Just a different name and nameplate,,,
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    Should i sell my truck? (Get a "real" truck later)

    If you don't need it now and can live without it, AND bear the cost of replacement if you think you'll want one again, then yes, sell it. The time is now. Prices are crazy. I bought my 2016 F150 for 37k out the door. I just had an offer for 31k - 5 years after buying and 72,000 miles...
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    Called local fuel supplier and told summer blend is here

    I chuckle at times with these posts... Fuel going into the pipeline system switched was required to meet "summer" blends specs on March 1 in this area. Odds are you've been getting summer blend for a month or two already...