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    Gasoline fuel bypass questions

    Was reading through some old threads and came upon this one... If I were in this situation and it were a returnless fuel system I would put the bypass filter in (before the ff filter) and a check valve with 1psi or so of cracking pressure in parallel with the bypass filter. The check valve...
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    Nissan Navara TD27 Amsoil ACD30 40k km

    Wow, very nice UOA! Copper is excellent. Very low Si indicating that the bypass filter is doing it's job. I'm no expert, but Fe at 41 after 40km doesn't seem like a whole lot even with 10L of top-up. Do you know the average Fe for your vehicle? How large is the sump?
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    Motor Guard Core Size

    Someone on a turbodiesel website posted about using a couple of rubber o-rings with his motorguard to fit the wide-cored toilet paper rolls snugly. I haven't tried it myself but it seems like a great idea! If it worked there wouldn't be any gaps for the oil flow to bypass.
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    Do bypass filters void new vehicle warrantys?

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Theoretically, NO...unless they can prove the bypass directly caused a failure (e.g. the bypass filter element deteriorated and plugged oil passages, there was insufficient restriction to the bypass...
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    TP bypass housing manufactures

    Some say that an unmodified Motorguard works just fine if the oil doesn't heat up much above 212 degrees F. I would assume with the heat loss from the line this applies to all cars except for drag racers.
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    How to plumb preluber with bypass filter?

    There are two types of prelubers - one is a pump and another is a pressure accumulator.
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    Reuse Mobil 1 EP filter?

    Too bad they don't have filter minders for oil filters. I wonder if you could determine when to change the filter based on an oil pressure gauge? That could be an interesting experiment. Here's how I might proceed with it: 1. Change oil and oil filter 2. Drive car on the highway. 3. After...
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    How to plumb preluber with bypass filter?

    You will want the restrictor on the end of the hose that connects the line for the bypass filter to the tee. You will then connect the preluber to the other port on the tee. That way your preluber won't be pushing oil through the restrictor. That seems like a lot of lines. If your OPS is...
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    What size restriction req?

    Here's how you'd find the appropriate check valve given the following data sheet: <a...
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    What size restriction req?

    What's a good rule-of-thumb for bypass filter flow as a percentage of total oil system flow? Is it 5%, 10%? As Gary mentioned, the filtration also increases the slower you filter the oil. I bet there is a sweet spot between not flowing enough oil and flowing too much where the pressure inside...
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    Differential Pressure Gauge?

    Isn't the crankcase pressure near atmospheric due to PCV? If that's the case then there isn't the need for differential pressure if returning to the sump - just read the pressure before the filter.
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    Differential Pressure Gauge?

    Is this for a remote dual filter mount?
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    Oil cooler delete = better MPG?

    The oil heat exchanger is not only for emissions but keeps the oil at the optimal temperature for a less wearing engine and longer oil life.
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    Oil cooler delete = better MPG?

    It would probably result in lower MPG. The coolant warms up BEFORE the oil and the oil-to-coolant cooler on your Vic will cause your oil to heat up sooner with coolant heat. Do a search on Gary Allan's posts and you'll find some test results he did with his Jeep Wrangler's heat exchangers a...
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    Oil Breakdown With 5w-20

    Fuel dilution can lower the viscosity of the oil. You can measure that in an oil analysis report.