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    My dad bought a 2017 F150.

    26mpg LOL yeah ok
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    2020 Chevy Trailblazer

    Every pic on this topic just cements my opinion that GM is the worst car company on the planet.
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    Camry or Rav4?

    Personally, I have absolutely zero interest in a small SUV so the rav4 is not even a glimmer on my mind. It is too small to be roomy, has absolutely zero off road capability, and is $10k higher priced corolla IMO. I have a 05 camry in the driveway and a family member has a new camry. I don't...
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    2018 charger ?

    I don't know about that. I would rather have a v8 charger than any Accord ever made. What is funny is that the v8 charger gets the about the same mileage as a v6 accord and it drives the correct wheels.
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    2018 charger ?

    In my circle of cars I can speak on a 2012 Charger, 2019 Charger, and a 2017 Ram 2500 6.4 hemi. I would caution you to be prepared for radio/touchscreen/electronica issues. All three of these are the base model units and they are glitchy. The two chargers simply shut down and restart for no...
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    GM parts delays - 19 days and counting.

    Simply just another story about the worst car manufacturer on the planet. I used to be a GM loyalist but they (the company and the vehicles) just let me down over and over. 2 caprice's at work had the 6.0 engines take a crap under 100k miles, one of the caprice's waited for months for a body...
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    2019 GM 6.2 AFM

    Don't know. Car was assembled in Australia is all the detail I can provide.
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    2019 GM 6.2 AFM

    3 police officers 2 engines bad Drove them like any other police car. None of the others crap out like that. The Australian made caprice is a POS. Sorry if that doesn't give you the warm fuzzies but it was crap inside and out.
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    05 Surburban 1500 - Lifter Tick

    I take care of an 05 suburban with 220k miles. Always had quicklube oil changes until it came to us almost 3 years ago. This 5.3 ticks with with certain oil. The faint tick went away with Pennzoil 5w30 and a FRAM OCOD. It also uses a quart of oil between 3-5K miles on a 5K interval. The...
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    6.4 hemi truck motor (silly srt oil requirement)

    I like how you guys shout me down about "searching on the net" yet you throw up your example of ONE. The quality of info on here has degraded over the years. This board used to have a bunch of great material but now it just seems that everyone either supports or denies any information posted...
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    2019 GM 6.2 AFM

    I always held GM v8 engines (not the vehicles) in high regard. I think GM took a major step backwards with DI and I don't much like AFM either. I really don't understand what they are doing. I just don't trust GM to make a "high tech" engine when they have a hard time with plastic door...
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    What Half Ton Truck?

    I would hit craigslist for an 80's model 2wd ford, chevy , dodge. Reg cab. Unless you live in mountains (Ohio?) you can manage on flat ground just fine in 2wd. You could find that truck here well under 5K and trucks like that live forever without rusting.
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    What Half Ton Truck?

    Under 5k 4x4? You are going to have to get lucky. A 4x4 pickup without rust or mechanical problems is simply going to cost more than $5k. If you get good and lucky you might find a 200k mile reg cab work truck for that price but I promise you it will need some things fixed. Good luck. In...
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    Which cars do you regret selling the most?

    2000 Toyota 100 series land cruiser 1995 k1500 Chevy truck 4x4 1981 Jeep Cherokee
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    My Latest Purchase: 95 Chevrolet K1500

    First year of the new and vastly improved interior and the last year of the "fuel injected carb" TBI. I had a 95 xcab 4x4. I think 1995 is the best year truck ever made by GM.