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    Not getting a vehicle recall addressed-(2017 Cruze LS potential fuel leak/fire hazard during impact/accident)

    Explain your feelings? Here in NYS, you get a big warning on registration and yearly safety inspections, but no forcing that I know of.
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    Some p/s love for the Passat W8

    Hey, some only 16 🤣
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    07 pontiac torrent clogged heater core

    Irontite ThoroFlush $20 on Amazon I hear it's several cuts above retail level weak sauce citric based cleaners
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    UPDATE - Defective Fram Ultra? Missing ADBV leads to engine damage in 2018 Mazda6?

    Wow. I'm at a loss for words Does the engine have a detectible amount of wear/damage? Rod knock? Rod through block? Glitter made of the bearings?
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    Thinking of getting a puttering around truck

    My 2013 300 stood on both sides of this argument
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    Hit a pothole. Damage assessment needed?

    Amateurs 🤣 When you start chipping teeth, soft tissue injuries, and or insurance company totalling a car over pot hole related damage, call me When your alignments don't last the 5 mile drive home from said alignment shop, get back to me
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    One step away from the Stone Age

    LILCO was doing a pretty bad job LIPA was no angel, but people got rate freezes and rebates vs years of yearly increases The new private owner (PSEG) seems to be doing a half decent job ...still paying for that **** Shoreham nuclear plant tho :confused: Now I work for a public/private...
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    What are you working on today?

    Figuring out how to deal with this in the cold snowy weather we're experiencing right now Swapped some paint with someone, IMO there was blame on both sides, cash was exchanged and that was the end of it Didn't know till later that he got the paint damage, I got paint AND suspension damage...
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    2008 Altima Rear Suspension Questions-help me out

    I'm told with that shape Altima they sag in the rear with age (think Taurus/Sable) The fix is to installed Altima Hybrid springs in the rear to bring it up, and keep it up It's not a Macpherson strut design, so just the springs is a relatively easy no spring compressor job
  10. M I want a 2020 Rogue? (Deceased leasee)

    Long story short, my father lost a dear friend at the god bless him age of 86 Last year, he leased a '20 Rogue SV AWD It has minimal options, I ran the VIN to create a Monroney label, sticker was $29,790 It's up to payment 12 of 36 on it's lease, odometer reading as of this morning is below...
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    Snow Tires Without Studs Are Worthless.

    Interesting viewpoints Last snowstorm we had, my trusty '06 Camry made a mockery of some very expensive and sophisticated AWD vehicles, without a $400+ monthly payment Guy I passed in a 4Runner TRD was more than a little hurt🤣, so I got out and gave him a hand to get moving again, kinda felt...
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    Doug Demuro reviews the 1988 Volga GAZ 24-10

    I see many former Soviet vehicles in the trendier or heavily eastern european neighborhoods of Brooklyn/Queens I believe the manager of the Polish and Slavic Federal credit union has a restored FSO Syrena he brings in occasionally and parks by the front door Lada 2105/2107 (guy was restoring...
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    Appliance shortage - this is maddening.

    Hmm, wonder if it's a regional issue? Here in NYC, Home Depot and Lowes are low, but they quote 2 day delivery The independent retailers seem as well stocked as ever I was in a supplier in Bushwick on Friday with 50+ units on display ready to sell All $1200+ Stainless LG/Samsung fairly high end...
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    CRV key stuck called locksmith

    Here in the states you can get a replacement barrel with 2 new keys for $40~ A whole new ignition with switch would be $140~ Getting it to you in Greece should be doable