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    Older S9000 vs 229.51

    hi, thanks very much for the information. i guess i need to pony up... -michael
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    Older S9000 vs 229.51

    greetings. i just purchased a vehicle with the MB 3.0L diesel. it has a particulate filter, but is the pre-bluetec version. the oil spec is 229.51. i bought a cases of schaeffer's 9000 in 5w40 about 2 years ago, for use in my racecar. the racecar has seen a lot fewer miles than anticipated, so...
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    Stroker LT4 (396cid), 400 miles, 5W20/15W40

    <a href=";f=3;t=001944#000000" target="_blank">previous UOA, and exposition to problem.</a> i knew it would be a short run, so i emptied the odd oils left on my shelves. this was 4qts Exxon SuperFlo 5W20, and 3.5qts Chevron Delo...
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    2005 Honda Accord V6, factory fill, 466 miles

    we had purchased the car literally the day before evacuating houston due to hurricane rita. we sat idling for ~10 hours. i changed the oil a few days after returning and took this sample to see how it weathered the evacuation. <blockquote>code:<hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family...
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    Synpower vs Syntec

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />About that FSI engine, how do you get away with less than 95 (US) Octane fuel? The FSI engine requires 98 Octane ("Euro" Octane/ROZ).<hr /></blockquote>i believe 98 RON is usually equivalent to the 92-93 pump ratings (RON + MON / 2). -michael
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    Is the "relaxed" API rating out yet??

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by eljefino: <strong> The gas you're running is presently more likely to be "relaxed." </strong><hr /></blockquote>we seem to be back to "non-relaxed" gasoline in houston. i say that because my cars run great on regular gasoline, but my subaru pings...
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    Flat tappet camshaft break-in?

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by AEHaas: <strong> I am running 0W-20 Mobil 1 </strong><hr /></blockquote>can you still get this stuff? i haven't seen it on shelves for a long time. -michael
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    Problem at WOT 98 Mustang 4.6

    the box you've seen only does the same thing a speedo gear swap does. it's for cars where there's no way to change the speedo gear, it works by interrupting and reforming the waveforms from the vss. i think it's '99-up mustangs that need that box, among other brands. your problem (assuming you...
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    Problem at WOT 98 Mustang 4.6

    by '98 there's no fix short of reprogramming the ecu. note that if you were to put the speedo back to stock, it would then work, since the speeds relative to rpm as read by the ecu would be correct. (but the speedo would be wrong.) that is, since you "fixed" the speedo, the ecu knows it's going...
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    Problem at WOT 98 Mustang 4.6

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by brianl703: <strong> could probably leave the gear that's in there now and install the box only between the VSS and the computer </strong><hr /></blockquote>i'm in the middle of something at work right now and so can't quite wrap my...
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    Problem at WOT 98 Mustang 4.6

    hmm, good alternatives, i had not considered that before. you're certain it's a parallel circuit? -michael
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    ACURA MDX - ATF-Z1 - 31k

    thanks, i believe i will contact him. -michael
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    ACURA MDX - ATF-Z1 - 31k

    is mtfglide SF's answer to atf-z1? i looked on their site and didn't see mention of it. thanks. -michael
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    S-F MTL-R in a Subaru 5-speed

    sort of moot since it's probably more difficult to purchase than the MTL-R, but swepco 201 has worked incredibly well in my subaru. i probably would have tried the MTL-R, had it been available, but i'm happy with the 201. i am surprised at how well swepco works even with a cold tranny, given...
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    Is the new Mobil 1 M/C oil for real ??

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by Mickey_M: <strong> Both are extremely shear resistant, both have very high flash points, and both have relatively high levels of zinc and phosphorous. </strong><hr /></blockquote>i don't know what the virgin viscosity is, but this short run ended...