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    Massey Ferguson 231S Tractor

    I need to change the hydraulic fluid in my Tractor and Massey says "only use Massey PermaTran III" . Supposed to be superior to others. Problem is I live 80 miles from the nearest dealer(Massey) that handles PermaTran. My local dealer(Massey) uses hyraulic fluid from SunNoCo(sp). My question...
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    Massey Ferguson 231S Tractor

    Probably what I wind up doing, Steve. I can't believe there would be much difference if it's spec'd out the same.
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    Marine Diesels

    I have a hard time understanding how someone can own/operate a vessel that has 5 - 10,000 HP engines with a fuel tank in excess of 27,000 gal.? What would the cost of gas per gallon be if private Yatchs and Jets weren't allowed to navigate/fly? I will always be amazed by this nations...
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    Is it against the rules to post wheels/tires for sale? Thanks.
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    Hydraulic fluid

    I have a MF 231S which needs the hydraulic fluid changed. The local dealer said I should only use Massey oil, Perma-tran 3 else any other oil would foam and possibly damage the tractor. Any comments?