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    2020 Ford Edge Rental

    I love the German EcoBoost V8 engines (water-intercooled GTDI V8s) but the Mercedes ML 550 seats were hard as rocks. The seats in my 2018 Explorer and in my 2014 SHO were like living room sofas. I could fall fast asleep in them if needed.
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    2020 Ford Edge Rental

    Ford pushed 2020 Explorers out the factory with leaking transmissions, missing parking brake switches, and inoperative dash boards. There's no way a quality control person would accidentally miss these things. Ford then did the same thing with the 2021 F-150 and the new Mustang Mach-E. They...
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    Lower Tier Interstate batteries @ Costco?

    Good point, EverStart Maxx does have the 2 year pro-rated. I just know Costco is easier to deal with returns.
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    Lower Tier Interstate batteries @ Costco?

    I reset the BMS with the new battery install. The stock battery for the Explorer is a Group 65. I don't recall any D3/D4 vehicles coming with a smaller battery. My 2014 SHO was Group 65 as well. The stock Motorcraft Group 65 was 590 CCA or and the new Interstate is 850 CCA. I didn't see any...
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    Lower Tier Interstate batteries @ Costco?

    It was a big shock to me. I looked at all of the usual places for batteries and everyone seems to max out at a 3-year full replacement with no mentioning of a pro-rated warranty. Diehard Gold used to have that 100 month pro-rated as far back as I can remember, but that disappeared. The last new...
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    Lower Tier Interstate batteries @ Costco?

    That was my point, no one seems to offer a pro-rated warranty period anymore. DieHard Gold used to be 3-year full replacement, 100 month pro-rated for the past 25+ years. I've bought enough batteries to know this. Not anymore! The same goes for other house brand "Gold" batteries. Everyone seems...
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    Lower Tier Interstate batteries @ Costco?

    I bought all new Costco Interstates for my 3 vehicles a few months ago. One Group 65, and two Group 90/T5s. I had to buy a group 90/T5 for my 09 Cobalt SS whose original factory 2008 AC Delco battery exploded in the trunk, and went to Advance Auto to pickup a DieHard Gold 90/T5 for $160 after...
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    2018 Explorer N/A 3.5 V6 - cut-open filter question

    This engine has 17k miles. I installed a filter magnet (the two-piece deal) because I had it lying around and was curious what it would pull. I did the oil change today at 4600 miles and cut-open the filter, cut apart the pleats, etc... The magnet did pull a lot of ferrous filings on the inside...
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    Drilled the intercooler drain 2011 F150 Ecoboost,

    So from my dstalogs, that area sees vacuum whenever there is a sharp crack of the throttle. If you suddenly go WOT, or if you blip the throttle rapidly while idling, there will be a pulse of -0.5 psi for about 33 ms of vacuum. Otherwise it is always under positive pressure. Even decelerating...
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    Updated Motorcraft FL-2062-A

    I'm using the FL-2062-A right now and it is a taller filter than FL-2062. I'm not sure it is a better filter. The end plates aren't black plastic like the 2062. The included O-rings are a different color and material. I'm hearing the GT350/500s are using FL-2087 which is dimensionally identical...
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    UPDATE: 2011 F150 3.5 Ecoboost at 239,000 miles

    I wouldn't say this proves anything with respect to durability. I asked my sales person about the 2019 3.5s having timing chain problems, and he said honestly they wouldn't know because 90% of their new truck sales are 2.7s, and the only trucks to get the 3.5 are basically the Limited/Platinum...
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    3.5 Ecoboost Oil, I've decided.

    Kirkland Signature 5W-30 every 5000 miles.
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    What made Ford want to back specify oil weights?

    When EcoBoost first debuted for 2009, 5W-20 was specified. When the F-150s debuted with EcoBoost, all of a sudden all the EcoBoost engines magically required 5W-30. This was the 1st gen 3.5L EcoBoost, both transverse and longitudinal (there are differences).
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    My 0w20 Experiment is suddenly finished

    I normally store my performance cars for the winter, never starting the engine until the spring - so that's at least 6 months of not being run. The only time I've ever heard that much clatter/chatter was on my GM LNF 2.0 GTDI, and it sounded very loud and bad. I've never heard it do that again...