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    New filters

    6 filters will be a lifetime supply? Do not plan on keeping the car long?
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    Smoothest Riding New Car?

    How about a 2019 Chevy Impala or Buick lucerne
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    Security lights?

    Strictly for security. Flood lights preferably
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    Security lights?

    Hi, I am looking to buy my parents 3 security lights for the front of their house. I want two that are hard wired and one thate is solar. Do you have any experience and recommendations? Thank you!
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    CVT fluid colors?

    When I used Amsoil several years ago it was amber.
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    Is anybody else a

    I love mine!
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    2005 Jeep Wrangler and chipped key?

    Thank you rekeying was necessary. New ignition switch worked.
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    2005 Jeep Wrangler and chipped key?

    Thank you everyone! From what I can see Kuato is correct. They have a key that was made at Ace hardware that has been working for years and it was never programmed so I think it is safe to say they do not have a chipped key. I got just the ignition switch....not the tumbler so I will see...
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    2005 Jeep Wrangler and chipped key?

    Hi and thank you. My dads 05 Wranglers ignition switch apparently is going bad. I am finding out information that says it will need a new and everything due to the key coming with a chip? Just does not seem like something this old technology vehicle would have. Can anyone verify this? And how...
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    Windshield Spots

    Can try a clay bar as well.
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    UH-OH! Now Brady has GRONK in TB!

    Hilarious to go back and read the people that thought Tampa would not be that good. Congratulations Tampa!
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    Suggestions for a beginner whiskey drinker?

    Wild Turkey Rare Breed Jim Beam Black Elijah Craig Makers Mark I really believe if you do not like any of those Bourbons are not for you.
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    I'm trying Squirt chain lube - I like it so far

    That is what I have used for years for my mountain bike. It makes it so easy to clean and is smooth.
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    How 'bout those CHIEFS!!

    Go Bucs! Neither is my team but the fact im from Florida and the Bucs are at home!
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    Best thing at Chick-Fil-A?

    Cobb Salad with the Avocado Ranch dressing and their strawberry milkshakes. The people are great too.