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    Mounting tires slightly out of spec, yay or nay?

    Tires manufacturers specify a range of wheel widths for their tires, for example a 175/65R15 tire specifies a wheel width range of 15x5 to 15x6 as optimal. The question is, can you mount such a tire on a wheel that's a half inch out of spec (let's say a 15x6.5 wheel?) What about a full inch...
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    My next set of tires: 205/70R15 on a 2007 Corolla

    OEM tires were 185/65R15 for the base model (what I have,) and 195/65R15 for the more common LE model. The base model looks better by the way. So much sidewall looks clownish but I want that extra soft ride, that extra ground clearance (by about .8 inch) I have chosen a set of Hankooks that...
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    ? Rent a tool to replace (press in, out) bearing..

    Thanks so much for the tip. It's a 2007 Corolla, sounds like the machine shop is the way to go.
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    ? Rent a tool to replace (press in, out) bearing..

    Where can I find a place that will loan me a set of tools to do a wheel bearing job? The wheel hub has to be pressed out of the steering knuckle and then wheel bearing pressed out, then pressed the replacement part has to be in again. OTC makes a set that will do the job beautifully: <a...
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    Upgraded? To Walmart Value Power Battery...

    Awesome <img src="/forums/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="smile" title="smile" height="15" width="15" /> I need a battery <img src="/forums/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="smile" title="smile" height="15" width="15" />
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    Upgraded? To Walmart Value Power Battery...

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: DriveHard</div><div class="ubbcode-body">The original OEM battery on my truck was starting to get tired. Slow cranks in the cooling fall weather and the low battery alarm would go off if I listened to the radio for...
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    New-Car purchase considerations, all of them.

    Beyond the big 4: 1. Power 2. Handling 3. Reliability 4. Utility What are other considerations when buying a new car? Some others: -Maintenance cost: just oil changes basically or needs timing belt every 5 years? -Insurance cost -Aftermarket support/OEM parts price -Tire cost, tire...
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    Is this really the 2013/2014 11th Gen. Corolla????

    <img src="" alt="" /> More: <a...
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    2012 Toyota Avalon

    Can you tell us how you arrived at your decision to purchase the Avalon vs. the alternatives, vs. the new Avalon coming out in 2013, etc?
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    Direction Injection & Engine Longevity, take 2.

    Disclaimer: Just because something is printed in a 'respectable' online publication does not make it true. It also doesn't necessarily make it false either. <a href=""...
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    2007 Corolla Spark Plugs Question

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: rk1407</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Hi guys, My friend's 2007 Corolla just turned 70k and I was planning on changing the plugs. The car runs fine but I figured it was time. I have the Haynes manual and it says to...
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    2012 Toyota Sienna XLE FWD-Initial Review

    The Toyota auto plant actually let you go inside and watch Sienna's being built? That's pretty cool. I definitely want to do THAT!!!! Did you have to make an appointment? How did it work?
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    Drum Brakes: How do you know, ... WHEN?

    How do you know when they need to be serviced? With the pads and rotors in the front, it's easy to kneel down and take a peek--observe the amount of pads left, look at the rotors, etc. Can't do that with drums covering up the shoes and every brake mechanism in the rear. So, am I to...
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    Need help changing a light-bulb and.. lock.. lol..

    Thanks! I'll try those suggestions!
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    Need help changing a light-bulb and.. lock.. lol..

    I've tried pulling down on the glass dome (it comes down a little bit) and then twisting it clockwise, then counterclockwise without any success. I suppose I oughta try harder? Maybe use a screwdriver to pry it?