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    Collinite - Slow to change / adapt?

    Just applied a coat of 845 on my Regal, new to collinite, went on nice and easy and a little goes a long way, came off just as easy, nice shine, not worried about how long it will last as I too wax 3/4 times a years
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    New TV

    Nice setup, I need to get a pic of mine.
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    So much misinformation

    If it's on the net it must be true. ;)
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    New TV

    All my TV's have been SONY's, picked up the 75" X900H to replace my old 60" SONY and couldn't be happier, great TV right out of the box, gonna give it some break in time before dialing it in. ;)
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    First oil filter you ever bought

    No idea, back in the stone age. ;)
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    Fire Dept. Uses a Damaged Shelby GT 500 for Life Saving Procedures
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    Cold Brew?

    Wife is hooked on this,
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    GM pickups of the future.

    Right down my alley, I would buy this if it ever was sold to the public. ;)
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    $8 million / 365 = $21,917-can you get by,lol

    So who is this popular person?
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    Pan TheOrganizer test of 3 paint protectent products

    Paaan the Organizer! :D
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    Video of flat tire will running up against speed limiter

    The BEST team that ever covered a NASCAR race, Benny, Ned and Bob. (y)
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Get a LIFE. :ROFLMAO:
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    I miss you _______ on my new car.

    SAE grade nuts bolts and screws instead of all the half metric and star fasteners, what a pain in the A$$.