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    Fram Ultra Cartride Filters

    Do Fram Ultra cartridge filters have the same wire mesh backing as the spin on filters? Thank you.
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    General Tires any good?

    Thanks for all the input everyone, think I'll go with the General HST 60's for the Tundra. I didn't realize General is owned by Continental which gives me some peace of mind. You don't seem to hear as much about General as all the other larger manufacturers which is why I was concerned.
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    General Tires any good?

    Anyone have experience with this brand? Opinions on quality? Considering getting 4 of the Grabber HST (255-70-18, for my 2012 Tundra, thanks for any experience/opinions.
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    Windshield covers

    I use a bath mat, the rubber backing keeps it from sliding down the windshield and it's heavy enough that the wind doesn't blow it off.
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    Which .38spl +P?

    not willing to light off 357 mag inside the house
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    Which .38spl +P?

    I have a Ruger SP101 .357 with the 3 1/16th inch barrel for home defense and am trying to decide on which of two .38 spl +P rounds will provide the maximum muzzle energy. I currently have it stoked with Speer GDHP 125 gr +P and am wondering if I’d be better off with the short barrel version of...
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    Cop car OCI

    I would think that idling is harder on the oil since the motor is running at its hottest with no airflow through the radiator requiring the radiator fan to cycle on and off just to keep it from overheating,
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    9MM Suggestions

    Going to buy my first semi-auto pistol in 9MM for home protection (always had revolvers for reliability but want more magazine capacity) and have narrowed it down to Glock 17, S&W M&P and Ruger SR9. The most important thing to me is reliability since it’s for home protection, I welcome your...
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    Hornady FTX vs XTP

    Don't forget the Corbon DPX, another excellent performer.
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    Coolant Change

    Why do most new vehicles come with a long life coolant that can go 90,000 miles+ but then have to be changed much more frequently after the initial fill? My 2007 Nissan specifies 90,000 on the first run and after that every 30,000 miles, doesn’t make sense to me.
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    Skeletal Wounds

    With respect to caliber and ammo choices for self/home defense the discussion always centers around penetration and expansion with the impact of vital organs in mind , my question is what happens when bone is struck, does it result, as I would imagine, in absolutely excruciating pain that would...
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    Semi Auto 20 Gauge

    Thanks for all the input, I'm now leaning toward a Mossberg SA 20 tactical, short 20" barrel and 5 + 1 capacity, looks like a fine balance of features and cost.
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    Semi Auto 20 Gauge

    Considering a gas operated semi-auto 20 gauge for home defense. maybe a Remington 1100 or 11/87, is this a good overall home defense weapon with OO buckshot?
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    Winchester LSWCHP +P 158 Grain

    I would suggest either the Corbon DPX 110 gr + P or the Speer Gold Dot 135 gr + P, the latter is specifically designed for maximum expansion and penetration from short barrels and both rounds pass the FBI penetration test protocol.
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    Ruger LCR .38

    Corbon DPX 110 gr +P, excellent reliable expansion, good ballistics profile, second choice would be Speer Gold Dot 125 gr +P, another very good choice.