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    110K miles on factory filter

    In the 5-6 years since the vehicle was new nobody tried to upsell an air filter? Where was service done before they got it at 80k and did no one even check prior service records?
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    The Ecoboost engine and the type of oil...

    What does the "oil wisperer" suggest for the Ecoboost?
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    Am I wasting money with Amsoil/Schaeffers?

    Yeah, Amsoil quality of oil plus tbn quantity would be a waste at those oci's. As far as comparing to most off the shelf brands, give me the SS if running a DD hard or turboed.
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    Am I wasting money with Amsoil/Schaeffers?

    The ladder analogy doesn't make sense. What does the length of the ladder have to do with oil quality? If we were talking about the material the ladder is made of and comparing that, then that makes more sense.
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    General Altimax RT43 Sidewall Issues

    Yes, we know but most tire purchases for a DD are a compromise of some sort. Give and take on different characteristics of performance.
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    General Altimax RT43 Sidewall Issues

    As for "crisp handling" do you have T, H, or V rated? If T , then maybe you should move to a higher speed rating and also have less squirming. 6oz. of weight seems like a lot, maybe you could use that issue in your favor if you are talking to General again about replacing them.
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    General Altimax RT43 Sidewall Issues

    You've got every right to complain. Like someone mentioned, you didn't purchase factory seconds or slight defects. You paid good money so you want a good product. I have these same tires and if mine were like that I would complain or want the tires replaced by General. As for winter performance...
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    Do you think black oil is really a sign of cleaning?

    I use Amsoil SS and it is a medium honey color and when mileage accumulates it just gets a darker version of that same color. It takes quite some time for it to get dark but it doesn't get red.
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    Thick vs thin debate...

    Easy to do where you come from
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    Who changes filters between oil changes

    I don't know if he'll reply but if the vehicle was still under warranty I imagine he probably wouldn't be asking this question. He would most likely follow the maintenance schedule. It's a '17 Sonata so...
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    Who changes filters between oil changes

    Hey Chris, I think in your situation you're okay to go two oil changes with the Ultra. It has extra holding capacity so no worries for two 4k oci's.
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    Yes OVERKILL it's absolutely unbelievable how much they shed. My SIL and her daughter had a pair, brother and sister, one of which I used to walk and exercise regularly. I would bring Kenya up to my apartment from time to time and even after a half hour visit it was crazy the amount of hair that...
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    How often do you think average person gets oil changed?

    Please with the 3k oci, that's neurotic and also a waste.
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    Redline 5W-30 5,000 miles

    I agree with OVERKILL. Overly high moly rates are not needed after a certain point. Akin to doing 3k oci's with a quality synthetic, nothing to be gained.