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    What's the truth about ethanol and OCIs?

    I'm glad you gave me all the answers i wanted. I specifically thought about you Leostrop and ChristianBerg. Now i really want to share what i learnt here with everyone in europe bashing ethanol saying it wears out engine extremely fast. Leostrop, do you have good results with a non SN HDEO and...
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    Is this contaminated?

    Am i the only one thinking it looks really dark for 3k miles?
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    Features you've discovered about your car after a year or more

    I had many Mercedes with the exact same feature and it took me years to know about it!
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    What's the truth about ethanol and OCIs?

    I've been gathering infos here and there for a few months now especially in a few threads i made however i'm still trying to understand how E85 and E100 impacts oil. Most of the information i found is pre 2011, before the API SN spec and i think that's the reason why flexfuel cars owner's...
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    Massive difference in oil consumption between 5W30 and 5W40

    It looks like oil consumption have been inexistent during the last 3000 kms ! But it usually starts burning oil again after 8000 kms. Now i know why my engine burns oil after an oil change and then completely stops past the first 2000 kms but i have yet to figure why it starts burning oil again...
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    Play in the diff, thicker oil?

    The mechanic found the culprit ! It's the driveshaft itself, the splines where the two halves meet. Said it's not worn enough to be a concern besides the annoyance. I will start looking for a used driveshaft.
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    Clutch/gearbox weirdness

    I must admit that my driving is very smooth or even sedate. I never ever downshift coming to a stop. I also thought about a rear main seal leak soaking the clutch and causing the juddering when launching the car in 1st from a rest. PS : I feel so stupid, the "click" in the pedal was my...
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    Clutch/gearbox weirdness

    It only jitters while i slowly release the clutch, never with the foot off the clutch pedal. Maybe a warped clutch disc ? would a warped disc cause clutch grab ?
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    Clutch/gearbox weirdness

    Thanks for the info, i won't be able to do this job myself since i don't have access to a lift anymore. It's reassuring to know that the gearbox probably doens't have to be removed and that the clutch is probably ok. If the shop confirms that the problem is either/both bad cylinders i'll ask...
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    Clutch/gearbox weirdness

    I just checked the brake fluid and it is above the max mark, it is completely full. It also looks dark...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    That's what i always thought!
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    Clutch/gearbox weirdness

    Yes the clicking noise and feel seems more pronounced when the engine's off. The brake fluid level never drops. Let's say i'm cruising in 4th at 70km/h at 2000 rpm and push the clutch in and go into neutral long enough for the engine revs to drop back to idle. If i want to engage any gear, i...
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    Clutch/gearbox weirdness

    My 98 C180.
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    Clutch/gearbox weirdness

    Maybe this is the source of the annoying noise i get when releasing the clutch too fast or when i abruptly release the gas pedal. It sounds quite metallic and i think they're also some kind of barely audible clicking/rattle that i thought was a lifter noise for months. If only it was easier to...