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    How big is a Micron?

    Take the thickness of an ordinary dollar bill (or ordinary sheet of copy paper), visualize dividing that thickness into 100 equal parts, then each one is equal to a micron. Or in other words, there are 100 microns in the thickness of a dollar bill.
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    E-Code Headlight Restoration

    Off-topic but interesting story. In the late 70's (that's 1970's) I was running 7" Cibie Z-beams in my car. I actually got pulled over by the local Officer Krupke who proceeded to harangue me because "my headlights were too bright, they must be illegal". He was right of course with Z-beams...
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    Merrick Tools Cam Lock Sockets These are the lug nut-mainly sockets with cammed sides built-in so they grab the sides of the nuts, even bulged (swollen) nuts so you don't have to pound a socket onto the nut. I guess they were a big hit at SEMA 2021. I signed up for the "opportunity" to purchase a...
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    Nokian Hakka R3 vs Nordman 7

    I've been running the Nordman 7 SUV for 5 winters now. I love them. They are smooth and fairly quiet for a dedicated winter tire, and they were very reasonable as far as cost. I chose these over a studless-type winter tire because they should have a longer tread life, and they were much cheaper...
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    Back in the '80s

    Back in the 80's.... I paid almost TEN GRAND for a brand new '83 Honda Accord sedan
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    2010 Honda CR-V Battery Upgrade - No more 51R!

    3rd generation CR-V is 2007 to 2011, 4th generation is 2012 to 2016 For the 2016 I had to make no modifications to any bracket or mounting hardware save the new bigger tray. All brackets including the top hold-down and J-hook risers fit the larger 24F perfectly. Off topic, but my daughter has...
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    2010 Honda CR-V Battery Upgrade - No more 51R!

    Not sure about these generation cars but the follow-on CR-V's spec a 24F for Canadian models. 51R for US cars, 24F for Canadian, why? The wife has a 2016 and I swapped out her 51R for a 24F using an ebay-sourced battery tray for an Odyssey. Fits like it was designed for the car ;)
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    Replacement window experiences

    I've had all the windows replaced in my house, in two stages, when some were 15 years old and the rest 3 years later (due to cost and $$$ involved). All were the original windows, and each time they took them down to the original window opening and built them so they fit right into the rough...
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    Interstate Batteries

    I'll never buy a Costco Interstate again. Bought one for a Civic last year, kept dying if not used for a week or more. Bought a Duracell from Batteries Plus, paid more, but the car can sit for over 2 weeks and fires right up. Spins the starter so fast I think the car is going to tip over. The...
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    Wagner BriteLite and the quest for better night vision

    I too have been suffering from declining night vision over a period of years. I thought the Philips Extreme Vision bulbs were the most effective upgrade, but when one burned out and I replaced both of them a few years ago, I didn't notice much of an improvement. I thought well maybe I'll just...
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    Discount Tire guarantee, they really honor it

    Long-ish story, but in the end, I am really pleased with Discount Tire and their satisfaction guarantee (if ever you're not satisfied, please feel free to bring it back). I bought a set of Pirelli Scorpion Zero A/S Plus in the OEM 20" size for my Flex last Black Friday. They were mounted and...
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    Best Black Friday Tire deals? Stores, not mail-order

    Well, I wasn't going to buy new rubber for my 2 cars until next Spring due to winter wheels and tires being on now, but who doesn't like to save a few bucks? DT didn't have what I wanted available locally but since I wasn't in a hurry to get them, I went ahead and had them order 2 sets of tires...
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    HP Laserjet printers & aftermarket toner

    I have a couple of HP Laserjet 4000 printers circa 1996 and both have been running for 10+ years on aftermarket toner. They don't see heavy usage, but they're always on and always print when asked. They even work with Win 10 so I see no reason to "upgrade" them. They're perfect for documents as...
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    Installing your own winter tires

    Been swapping tires over myself twice a year on my own car for almost 40 years. I used to break the lug nuts loose with a breaker bar, but since I got a cordless impact, it's much easier. When I picked up a wife 30 years ago, I had to swap her tires over twice a year also, and kids cars for over...
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    Mobil 1 5w-20 5k miles; Ford Flex 3.5L 20k miles

    The 3.5 Duratec is pretty bulletproof, you should get years and years out of it. I had a 2008 Taurus with the same basic motor and got 175000 miles out of it before required massive suspension work made the car untenable. I have a 2010 Flex Ecoboost which is still going strong. I can still...