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    4 Fram Ultra Synthetic Oil Filters XG3387A Old Style $20.00 plus shipping

    I had Oldsmobile's, Pontiacs, and Buicks I used them on. Got rid of the 2004 Buick Rendezvous a little over 3 years ago which was the last vehicle I had used these on. Click on the link below to see the vehicles they fit. That site is showing the newer filters which some believe are...
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    4 Fram Ultra Synthetic Oil Filters XG3387A Old Style $20.00 plus shipping

    I have 4 remaining Fram Ultra Synthetic Oil Filters XG3387A which I used to purchase by the dozen when I had several cars I used them on. I no longer have any of those cars and hope someone else can use these. The boxes are a bit beat up and rough but the filters are in like new condition. No...
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    Need advice on cleaning a flooded car

    Problem is he said 3-4 FEET not inches in his original post I‘m not there right now but the water was up 3-4’ Our good friends have (HAD) a nice mobile home in a park 5 miles inland from Ft Myers Beach. The mobile home park was wiped out with 7 feet of water flooding!
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    Oil change overdue over 2,000 miles

    I don't believe Honda or perhaps any manufacturer provides 36000 miles of free changes. Some type of dealer promotion, yes, but not from the manufacturer. Toyota gave two years of changes when I purchased a Highlander or 25000 miles. If I recall it was also limited to two services.
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    VW 8 speed transmission fluid change

    Sorry, I was away and just saw this tonight. I put two ramps in front of the front tires and two ramps in front of the rear tires. I am then able to drive slowly up each ramp at the same pace and end up on top with no problems. The Honda Pilot has an excellent all wheel drive and it is easy...
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    VW 8 speed transmission fluid change

    In order to do the transmission fluid drain and fill on my Honda Pilot I went ahead and purchased a second set of Rhino Ramps Max 16000 lbs capacity to match the pair I already had. I found them on Amazon about 18 months ago for under $55.00 delivered free with Prime. The four of them are...
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    Mitsuboshi Timing Belt stitching

    I had this notice from Honda for my 2019 Pilot shortly after purchasing it. Defective timing belt which could be tracked by VIN and lot code on the belts themselves. Dealer had to verify the lot code and go from there even with a small number of belts supposedly having been defective. TSB...
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    Self reporting Honda maintenance on service records portal

    I use the Honda Owner's site to record my maintenance on the 2019 Pilot. Easy to add services and I also can see any dealer services I have had done such as updates to the transmission software, etc. I also use the Ford Owner's site for my son's 2016 Escape.
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    Is it normal for a new wheel hub to have heat marks on it?

    They came from Parts Authority through Rock Auto if I recall from his earlier posts. Parts Authority was the supplier Rock Auto used.
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    $20 Walmart soap canon for power washer – recommended

    No, but they are up to $1.25!!!!
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    Anyway For The Average Person To View GM Schematics?

    My library provides free online home access to Chilton manuals, and in library free access to Alldata manuals. Check your local library and see if they offer the same benefit.
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    Windshield Repair or Scam

    Depends on the state you live in. I pay an extra premium to have free windshield replacement coverage with no deductible here in Ohio. I also pay extra to have factory OEM body parts used in case of an accident instead of aftermarket or used.
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    Roomba manufacturer refurbished.

    Appears to me and the others who responded to the question as originally asked was "Anyone have the one with the home mapping system that self recharges? Is it worthwhile?" Not sure how you have a "winner" when an answer was given to a question which wasn't even asked? Where does the OP ask...
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    Roomba manufacturer refurbished.

    We had all of the carpeting replaced with laminate also and my wife splurged and purchased the I6 Roomba from an online source. She got the one which she can custom map and it is also empties itself upon returning to "home". Been using it every day for the last 14 months or so and she loves...