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    2013 f30 BMW 328ix N20 m1 0w40 UOA

    For as problematic as this engine can be and how hard I ran it I'd say it overall it held up pretty well to frequent shorter trips in the frozen north on this change all things considered. There's a reason I traded it in... this was more for curiosities sake to UOA it at the end. I doubt it...
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    2013 f30 BMW 328ix N20 m1 0w40 UOA

    Thought I would share my past vehicles UOA. On my 2013 bmw 328ix sport N20B20 I ran an AFE momentum intake and BMS+ plug in box (opened and turned up to +4 psi). Ran it like this from 72k to 110k and just wanted to check up on it. This N20 had the typical harmonic balance pulley wobble of a few...
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    Newer BMW burning oil...

    Imagine that... another BMW v8 in need of potentially serious repair <img src="/forums/graemlins/smirk2.gif" alt="smirk2" title="smirk2" height="15" width="15" />
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    BMW F31/F30 328d xDrive Differential Oil

    I ran into the same confusion and lack of information regarding the F30 diff fluid weight and capacities and figured I would share what I found for future searchers. On Redlines site they switch their recommendation from 75w90 to 75w85 for both after 2015 for my F30 trim.... Yet on Bimmerworld...
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    Role of quick waxes

    The dealership where I work uses Aquaglow ceramic spray wax that you apply partially wet, I can testify that it works amazing for shine and its drying effect with a "chinchilla" microfiber cloth, plus its cheap. It provides excellent maintenance wax work and overall light protection. I still...
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    Oil For High Sustained RPM on BMW S52

    My S52 is smooth and quiet on 0w40 Castrol... for the price and ll-01 cert you cannot beat the availability and performance.
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    rent question for those who have rommates

    As someone who just graduated college, it is not hard to run into this credit issue with renting, 2 of my 3 roommates had no credit at all. 2 of us had jobs since 16 and paid our own way through our teen years and moved to college from rural areas. The 2 kids with no credit just had no credit...
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    Anybody own 3 cylinder Ford?

    Love the idea, too far in college debt atm to imagine such a cool motor and new car. The liter ford turbo is one of the the cars I will be watching in the next years for the preowned market as a DD
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    Lady throws out vintage computer worth $200K

    This is relatively old information... I don't know where she got the first gen tinker edt. apple computer but she needs to reevaluate her entire storage, lol.
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    Anything to check while I have oil pan off?

    Doubt you NEED extra capacity, but if you're really willing when you buy the new pan to replace your rusty one... cut it and weld on a good section to add whatever you think you need.
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    Honda steering fluid

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: DBMaster</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I don't know about recent Hondas, but the ones I worked on from 1989-1999 had openings in the reservoir that would not accommodate a baster. I either used a Mighty Vac pump or...
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    Purolator L14477 torn

    This is different I see A lot of Puro "fails" now a days... People fail to realize that filters in the box are subject to environmental conditions. I have seen it first hand ordering OX 68d for my BMW, one sites filters were old and brownish and felt brittle and the oil would dirty fast, I had 2...
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    Honda steering fluid

    They technically only recommend OEM fluid like any MFG, but this is one to be listened to, its been over a year since I've ****ered with a Honda. The CST is different from that of "normal" power steering fluid and those labeled Honda/Acura should be suitable for the system. I've use the Prestone...
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    Why do people hate plastidip so much?

    People would rage at my red m3 rims and granite silver e36, so I went black until I can justify a set of proper BBS rims when the current tires expire...
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    Hi-Po Engine oil ?

    I'm running vr-1 10w30 in my BMW and it definitely runs worse on cold starts and my mpg is bad if I take short trips... M1 0w40 was definitely a better oil overall, I hardly believe your friend is stuck running that $8 a quart oil. I would try HDEO or some other big brand 40wt oils, those should...