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    Wife brought home another treasure.

    Your wife is a keeper. First thing I’d do is treat the wood and metal surfaces with suitable preservatives. That is a real historical artifact and I’ve seen way too many of them rotten and falling apart.
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    Looking to buy a spring compressor

    I’ve seen some Uputube videos on DIY spring compressors. Of course, making a spring compressor is a project for capable fabricators, not for everyone.
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    Subaru Creak: Diff? U-Joint?

    Tlugh to diagnose this from across the country. Can your daughter get recommendations and take it to a local independent mechanic for his opinion?
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    New truck!

    Nice truck! You do know this is a slippery slope? Now you need a camper or RV trailer. And dirt bikes for you and your son.
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    Lucas oil quality

    Years ago a Mobil engineer told me that Lucas spends way too much money on marketing with little spent on their products. Don’t know if that’s changed but somehow I doubt it. They do a good job of sponsoring motorsports but I avoid their products.
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    Disappointed with New Knife

    I “think” the original box requirement is for cases where people return items they just don’t like. In your case, the knife is defective and dangerous and returning it in the original box would just allow them to more easily resell it to someone else. Let us know how it works out.
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    Time to buy my 2 post lift

    That’s what I did, got an ex-Costco 10K Challenger lift for $1800 installed from a local lift service company.
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    How would you fix this? - Motorcycle Drain Bolt

    My guess is that a good TIG welder will want the case disassembled and clean. The welding work may cost $145 so you are better off just buying a new case half. You can probably do an effective epoxy repair but “probably” is the key word. If it should fail or leak you might have hot oil...
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    Best solvent for soaking caked on grease

    If you can deal with the overwhelming woodsy smell Pinesol diluted 50/50 with water is worth trying. A lot cheaper than brake cleaner. I learned this from the advrider motorcycle forum. I’ve run into those hard as concrete dried vintage grease problems before. It is some tough stuff.
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    Tried new penetrating fluids

    If the stuck fastener is in a location where you can safely heat it, I’ve found that heating it enough so that you can melt paraffin canning wax into the threads works consistently better than any commercial,product. A few years ago a wannabe scientist did a pretty thorough test of all the...
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    Pet ID tags

    Microchipping is a given but hasn’t displaced a collar tag. A tag is very belpful since someone finding your dog can read your phone number and immediately call you without having to take your dog to a vet to see if there is a chip and get the chip read. We get our tags from a local independent...
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    What do you do for weed control?

    That looks like a lot more fun than an herbicide!
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    Looking for a HIGH friction lubricant

    Never heard of these brakes and I had to look them up. One piece of information I picked up from the Sheldon Brown website is that once the friction surfaces are damaged, no matter what you do, the brakes lose stopping power and need to be replaced. At this point you might be ahead by just...
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    Wonder what happened to this bearing?

    It’s likely trashed only on one side because the cup is fixed in the housing and doesn’t rotate. The worn area was probably at the top where the load was concentrated. It looks like fatigue failure from here, too many rough miles.
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    New to me 2007 F-350

    That’s not necessarily true about everything falling apart around the 7.3 engine. I have a ‘96 F250 and everything works like it should. Seats are finally getting worn looking. I’ve always heard that about Dodges, not Fords, that the trucks fall apart around the Cummins.