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    2008 Forester - Difficulty With First Cold Start

    Subaru engine tends to burn oil and running rich in fuel, so if the spark plug is not good cold start problem is expected. So reading ECU fuel trim and remove plugs to check condition will be one the easiest way to start problem elimination
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    Price is the same; would you pick Motul 0w20 or Eneos 0w20 ?

    Thank you, perhaps 80 km is a bit too short to tell. When I changed to Ecolite in the past, the first 200 kms the oil temperature slightly elevated, and i would say only much later the noise also a bit quieter. So perhaps after 2k and 5k you can tell better what is your observation.
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    a few consecutive PEA concentrated fuel tanks in a row?

    The best is to combine with PEA based cleaner discharged from induction system. The redline or gumout is good to clean injector but not cleaning much carbon in combustion chamber.
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    Head scratching oil burn in '16 Outback 3.6

    My wild guess this can be related to the angle of the car during driving, since subaru using boxer engine where the piston is horizontal, when the car driven in downward/upward for prolonged period, the oil may pass the ring or valve seals
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    Price is the same; would you pick Motul 0w20 or Eneos 0w20 ?

    Please report back your experience, this new SP version comes cheap but what people told me it is not PAO synthetic as legacy Eirope definition but hydrocracked synthetic as US definition
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    Price is the same; would you pick Motul 0w20 or Eneos 0w20 ?

    I havent tried this Motul ecolite SP version, but I tried the old one with load of sodium. Not really impressed, my semi synthetic fuchs still beat it on fuel economy, lower oil temp and smoothness. What I heard the ecolite SP version is also GTL based without PAO
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    Are we forgetting Fuchs lubricants?

    Old thread on XTL
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    Are we forgetting Fuchs lubricants?

    Managed to find old thread so the Fuchs is mainly GTL based oil plus ester, some are zero zinc. Will need to do VOA to confirm, no wonder they do not have synthetic word on the bottle, even though it may be considered semi synthetic?
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    Fuel System cleaner and oil analysis?

    Yes there was some paper shared here before that consuming the PEA on many days work the best. Even for the pea-based gdi cleaner sprayed on intake, crc advise to heat soak at least 1 hr, and use the car subsequently in a few days will still have cleaning effect. So that is my routine now, 600...
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    5W20 VS 5W30.........Again!

    In my toyota and subaru i can tell the sluggishness between w20 and w30 oil, i believe it really determined by engine design. Engine designed for w20 oil really have tighter tolerance on built. This even more pronounced on small motorbike engine, when I change from w40 to w30, it improve the...
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    Toyota dealer uncertainty in the oil viscosity used

    It is a common practice of many dealers to stock limited variety of bulk oil for cost reason. Not many dealers will stock 4or 5 quartz packaging for engine oil due to space constraint. It is disheartening but the other side of the coin, as long as you keep the receipt any repair problem will be...
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    Are we forgetting Fuchs lubricants?

    Hmm does this mean they are using group III with ester additive? What are the possible FM and AW component not listed?
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    Are we forgetting Fuchs lubricants?

    I use fuchs titan gt1 evo 0w20 on crosstrek, i find it is better than motul ecolite 0w20, in terms of running temperature and engine noise. Not much info on datasheet except approval spec, but i just take that in german synthetic at least is pao based
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    Inner tire wear - rear solid axle

    Those look from wrong toe, so will need to check if any adjustment can be made or put some spacer to correct it if no other issue is pronounced enough