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    Most miles per tank

    Ford F350, Y2K, 7.3L, Modded, 300hp at rear tires. Constant 640 miles at 60/65mph= 33 gallons. IT'S A TRUCK! A heavy one!
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    Tiger Woods seriously hurt

    The EDR can only write for 5 seconds, that's the amount of memory space it has. It continually re writes over and over every 5 seconds until it is tripped or triggered by inertia or G Force in a few nano seconds which is the same way the SRS system is triggered. The EDR is triggered, the...
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    Tiger Woods seriously hurt

    It does. It logs MPH and the throttle position sensor, among many other parameters. I don't think there is a vehicle sold in the U.S. that does not have an EDR. There has been several evolutions of the data recorded as safety systems have evolved like front air bags which is when the EDR's...
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    Expired Tires Blamed for Double Fatality

    Somewhere 6 feet under someone can hear Paul Walker screaming at Roger Rodas about this same subject, although the same is said in disagreement on the actual cause of the accident to this day. In the case of the accident in this thread, seat belts and or ejection maybe the ultimate cause of...
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    What are you trying to accomplish with...

    Just # 2, unless I have to get rid of a little leftover clean new oil so I have a empty jug for something, or any cooking oil from the kitchen that starts to smell a little rancid. Cooking oil lasts about 6 months from the time you open the bottle. Thats for the 7.3L I do add Power Service...
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    What does "e11" on my Highlander washer fluid cap mean?

    It means Don't put Rain X Washer fluid in the reservoir. lol, IDK
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    2007 Honda Civic LX Radiator recommendation

    I will try to come back to this later but the sticky Vin# tag on the drivers "B" post is normally where it says the Vehicle is made. Many Civics' are made in Canada. I'm pretty sure all of the 2/4 door vehicles are and have been built upon the same floor pan platform for a few years now. So...
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    Worth It?

    You mean my 78 Cordoba with fine Corinthian leather is not going to be a valuable classic some day? lol! I had faith in Ricardo Montalban. Really, I just like saying the phrase "Fine Corinthian Leather"
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    C8 Daily Driver

    Grind a knee on the track and get back to me, lol, its the most fun you can have with your pants on.
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    C8 Daily Driver

    I had a dealer license and a body shop and the $$$ to play or repair whatever I broke. Usually I would sell any vehicle I abused long before it gave up the ghost. To each his own. I had alot of fun! And I didn't do burnout's... Cept for my 69 Camaro with Nitrous. P.S. I drive like an old man...
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    C8 Daily Driver

    ^ My 3 Porsches averaged 5k for a pair of rear tires. The motorcycle in the avatar was not my race bike, but on the track it averaged 140/150 miles for a rear tire. The center of the tire was still useable... High HP cars might be alot of fun to daily drive, but your gonna pay the price one...
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    C8 Daily Driver

    You should be put on 30 day probation for calling a Porsche a crap can. Besides, they are for wealthy people that own other crap can cars they drive every day like a Mercedes S430 or something like that. Really, you need 3
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    repurpose hydro fluid (or PS or ATF) into chain saw chain lube?

    Won't go in any of my saws, but being a BITOG I stocked up on harvester 2 gallon jugs @ $9.99 a few years ago. Might have enough for the rest of my life! Correct... Petroleum 30wt with tackifier's. If your oil reservoir runs dry your saw will stop cutting, I don't care how sharp your chain...
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    Words to Live By.....

    A friend is someone you can call to bail you out of jail. A TRUE friend will be sitting next to you saying "Dang We ****ed Up"
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    Words to Live By.....

    Don't ever lie to your wife if you want to keep her. If you get caught lying to her you get in trouble twice, once for what you did and again for lying.