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    Balanced View of Global Warming.

    Well, I've been away for awhile, and it's nice to see all the craizies are still here..... Because if you weren't here you would be infecting other sites...... Here's a link for y'all to peruse on the matter. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Resurrecting old topic--short center tubes

    ok, i'll buy that. but unless it results in media bypass, which i would say is very rare based on your pics as an extreme example, i propose that's it is of no concern. I see a metal ring in the 1st pic. why is it collapsed and how is it different from a center tube that supposedly prevents...
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    Resurrecting old topic--short center tubes

    "What leads you to believe the shorter center tubes are not a cause for concern? " right back at 'ya: What makes you think they are? I've had enough engineering and 25+ years of experience and I'm dying to find out what you engineering experts think on this matter.....
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    Veteran's Day

    Amen the flag was out at daybreak.
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    Ford recommends BP/Amoco gasoline

    why is it surprising? Chevron has been saying it for years.
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    Honda OEM Filtech oil filters

    "....I would have trusted them except when I asked the same question to another guy next day he said they are made by the same manufacturer! the person at a dealer parts counter would be useless for such info, if you believed him it's your own fault. Why not ask the oil monkey in the shop...
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    What was the first 3 cars that you owned.

    1st 70? gremlin (used) came with wife (still have wife) 2nd 70 cutlass wagon 350/4bbl used, from inlaws (still have inlaws) 3rd graduated from college bought new 78 cutlass
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    Some local initiatives

    soon the bad guys will say, "forget the cash register, gimme the grease and nobody gets hurt..."
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    Local Police Dept just bought a Hemi

    At the time, the police package was a standard option that virtually anyone could get if you ordered enough of them at least. What you COULDN'T get was black and white paint.... A relative's company bought dozens of them as standard policy as they tended to hold up a little better in fleet...
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    Bad Drivers

    image is everything. i prefer to call it slug seating....
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    Mobil 1 "classic" now much thicker?!

    12 dead cars in 37 miles? I COULD say something catty like you live too close to Detroit....but I won't.
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    Bad Drivers

    "Nothing worse out on the Interstate than the SUV moron with cruise set at 5 mph above posted limit" going with the flow is much more important. An SUV in good condition should have no issue with control at 75. In fact (at least in the Texas I've driven in) +5 is the default standard and if...
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    Local Police Dept just bought a Hemi

    "Then the Feds mandated that police cars had to have the same motors as civilian vehicles. " where did you hear this?
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    Where to put the 'e' - spelling lesson

    if brakes break, they won't brake because they're broke. ok, ok, broken....gimme a break.
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    Computer OS setup

    No need to upgrade, with older windows9x it is important to periodically clean the temp files out and defrag the hard drive. My mom still uses the 486/75 notebook i gave her (w95, Juno, Word and MGI Photosuite for pics) and it does quite well. But i do have to do some minor maintenance (like...