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    Painting sights?

    For my 50-something year old eyes neon orange seems to work better than anything else. Neon yellow is probably equally effective and will work a little better in low lighting IMO.
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    How old does my BMW look?

    Conservative German automotive styling not only looks great to me but definitely ages well.
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    How old does my BMW look?

    Looks fantastic.
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    Liqui Moly 5w-30, 5,011 miles, '18 Audi A4

    I don't see where you are going to gain any measurable benefit switching between 504 oils, they are all really good. If you feel the need to switch a look at some tempting 40 grades would make more sense to me especially since you are thinking of a tune. Nice car.
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    Ravenol VSE 0/20 (VW 508), 9659 miles, 2019 VW Jetta 1.4t (TAN, TBN, PC)

    New tab worked thanks. Not sure if I'd be happy with that iron or not, certainly not alarming despite Blackstones comments it seems a bit above average. The oil itself appears very stout and a great choice in a VW 508. I don't think I've seen a 508 yet that made a poor showing. Still...
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    W8 Passat wagon now in my garage...gulp....

    Looks great. The car sure has fallen into the right hands. I saw a Saab 95 wagon last week, been a long time since I've seen a Saab wagon you don't even see Saabs very often much less wagons. I tried to get a pic but I was driving couldn't pull it off.
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    [practical] difference between Penzoil Plat and Penzoil Plat euro

    The Penz Platiunum oils tend to run on the thin side of grade and are formulated to be LSPI friendly. The Pennzoil Euro oils are thick for grade (in 30) and use high calcium formulations (not LSPI friendly).
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    Pennzoil Euro L 5W30 ?

    If Valvoline is using Ti that would be news to me. Castrol's the one using Ti the most, and they use it in place of moly. You don't usually see both.
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    Neither Castrol 0W-40 nor M1 0W-40 have the the LL-01 rating any longer

    It is thought that none of the 0w40s can meet the latest oxidation requirements of LL-01. They are still a great choice for your BMW though. If you want the LL-01 on the bottle there are a host of 5w40s available that still have it.
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    Pennzoil Euro L 5W30 ?

    That is an excellent choice IMO, the Euro L is LSPI friendly and a heavy for grade 5w30 you are on the right track for your Hyundai. Fuel mileage between that and a 5w20 would be so minor that you'll not even be able to quantify it.
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    Mazda tops Consumer Reports for first time.

    We've only one Mazda in the family, a 2009 Mazda 6, but it's at over 200k and suffered many years of young adult neglect and abuse without a hiccup. The only time it's been in the shop while we had it was for a broken serpentine belt at around 150k. That and several recalls, none of which...
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    Mobil1 5W40 FS x2: What is the point?

    You forgot Castrol 5w40. :D
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    Study on Engine Noise Level vs Oil Formulation

    Back to the same old thing "I can't hear it so you can't either" which is the way this discussion goes, every time.
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    Study on Engine Noise Level vs Oil Formulation

    No, it would take 1000 to 1500 miles. But if I had been subjected to a blind test, I would have gotten it right 100% of the time. It was that apparent. UOA's were excellent with both by the way, I've never thought it had anything to do with wear.