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    Have a confirmed reservation, show up for the rental car.... no car.

    If you are in a pinch try out Turo. It is person to person renting of used cars. Your rental comes with full coverage from a major insurer. You can rent everything from a kia to a slingshot. When I needed a car on the west coast I rented a cheap kia SUV for like 30 dollars a day. I think it...
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    Facebook Marketplace now charging for ads?

    My thought on this. About 2-3 years ago I sold a lot of items on FB Marketplace, I would get a ton of hits and interest almost instantly. Now they are making you pay for views, you can sell something for free, but it will get very little views. I have been sharing to groups also. I paid for...
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    Greyhound Quits Canada

    The greyhound terminal in San Antonio is downtown, lets just say it is not a place you want to be. It attracts lots of strange people, but its a few blocks away from the River Walk. The San Antonio city bus station main hub looks like Skid Row in California, and it is a reasonably new...
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    Have a confirmed reservation, show up for the rental car.... no car.

    We are going to Colorado in a few weeks to see friends. I usually rent a car in Denver. No thanks $630 for 2 days for an economy car. My buddy is going to loan me his car for the few days we are there.
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    Telluride - Dealer did not use recommended oil

    My Hyundai dealer goes the other way and puts 5w30 in everything.
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    Colonial Pipeline stopping all operations due to cyberattack

    I've managed a bunch of SCADA systems at different facilities, and I haven't seen unpatched windows xp at a single one of them. All are fully patched, with extensive group policy in place including disabling USB keys. On the network side there is much more security.
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    1991 Cavalier wagon. Can be yours for $17,900!

    Nice trip back, my grandfather had this same car only as a sedan and Gold. It had like 25k miles on it when he died about 15 years ago. My cousins got a hold of it and it was a pile of rubble less than a year later. It was a pretty nice car he bought it new, drove real nice when I was a kid.
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    UPS "Follow my delivery" app, for tracking your package on delivery day.

    So, the OP tracked the location of the UPS truck, and just walked up to the dude to ask him to give the package over? Strange to me, why not just wait for him to drop it on your doorstep.
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    Unfit For The Road

    We were in Galveston a couple weeks ago, when there were all kinds of lowrider cars. A guy had a 90's Buick, that he just sawzalled the roof off it to make a convertible. I'm sure thats great for the unibody.
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    Hyundai / Kia 2.4L Theta ll success stories ?

    Not sure why its hard for some to accept that certain cars are 100k mile appliances. You drive them for a while then get another one. I rarely keep a car past 100k.
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    Shop who did my inspection today asked if I wanted LEDs?

    Texas state vehicle inspection is a joke. My county has no emissions, so I basically drive to the place, which is sort of like a barn, and the lady starts printing the "PASS" receipt out after she enters my information into the computer. I think it takes 2 minutes, they are drive thru. When I...
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    Ford offering 2.9% for 36 months or 8.9% for 84 months

    Can't stand Dave Ramsey, far to condescending to everyone. Not everybody can pay cash for everything and have zero debt. I'll stick to my method of buying cars with small loans, and paying them off in 12-18 months total.
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    Smoke Alarm

    Every time I bought new wired smoke detectors, it came with adapters for all kinds of old wiring harnesses.
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    HP Warranty

    Most dell business laptops come with 4 year warranty with on site repair. They offer a cheaper warranty which is similar to what you explained, where you mail the laptop to a Depot and they repair it there. Honestly, the Depot does a better job than the on site tech, and they detail the laptop...
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    Unique Car at the Dealership Today - RHD 1999 Curren

    My mom had a 2000's monte SS with the 3800 non supercharged, she says it was the best car she ever owned. It drove nice.