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    cheap home security recs

    I would like to get your recommendations for an inexpensive video monitoring system. My car was vandalised 2x last week. I do not want to rely on the landlord (doubt anything will be done). So a set-up/cams recording system recommendations is appreciated. I was hoping to set up a cam at my...
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    Computer rec for just surfing and live stream.

    thanks for the input guys!
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    Computer rec for just surfing and live stream.

    will this be suitable for my needs: it is HP stream mini desktop <a...
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    pc power button not lit up

    yes it is. It actually happened while the computer was on/idle. I went back to it and it would not respond, so I pressed the power button to switch it off. When I tried to start the PC...the symptoms I described happened. did something get fried or just conked up....what could it be. in...
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    pc power button not lit up

    i tried a different power supply from another pc, and still the same situation : power button not "ON", fans on.... the other symptoms: the keyboard does not respond the monitor "wakes up" but goes to sleep....before it does I see something on the screen saying not receiving signal??? hp...
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    pc power button not lit up

    Hello, My pc power button is black and won't light up. I noticed a lot of dust in the air "vents" and cleaned this up. When I press the power button, the fans to the MOBO, power supply and case start. There is a green light on the back of the power supply that is on. But the power on button is...
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    Painfully slow computer

    I agree with the posters suggesting Linux OS's. If you decide to squeeze the last remaining bits of life from your OLD laptops/pcs, this is the way to go. My circa 2001 pentium 4 512mb laptop has regained some of its pep when I replaced XP with Wary Puppy (Puppy Linux-based). Great again for...
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    Interesting T-Mobile MVNO:

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: dparm</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Does it still require a 2-year contract? If you are not signing a contract, there is nothing preventing them from jacking the rates up in six months. </div></div> This is a no...
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    Interesting T-Mobile MVNO:

    I am not sure what the catch is....hopefully none. That is why I am still waiting for the early adopters to update their reviews. It is no contract, but only uses "T-mobile phones". I was going to purchase a Samsung Galaxy Light....budget smartphone with good specs (from QVC only $150)to bring...
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    Interesting T-Mobile MVNO:

    I am thinking of using this T-Mobile MVNO named 35orless. Very new, but seems to be very interesting. There have been a couple positive feedback on this provider on HowardForums, although the duration of the reviewers on the plan has been extremely short. Waiting for them to update their...
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    Home made dog food

    Hokiefyd, I occasionally buy dog food from tractor supply. When my mini schnauzer was a pup, I used the 4Health (tractor's house brand), and then their small bites formula when he was older. I also used to buy the Wellness whitefish and sweet potato there. I stopped buying the 4Health brand...
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    So is Blackstone still the best?

    When a lab gives you a (?) question mark instead of a value or reading for coolant level, then I would definitely look elsewhere. I have seen more than a few results like that from [censored].
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    I need a new pc. Help with buying plan.

    I am overdue in replacing a single core pc running XP. Hoping to use replacement for internet surfing and streaming video (in place of cable TV). I intend to browse the black friday deals and then possibly wait in line at the store on Thursday (Thanksgiving evening). Has anyone done the "wait...
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    ROKU Television

    what minimum internet speed is needed to get high definition quality (at least 720p)?
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    Backup my hard drive then recover it onto new OS?

    I believe I read about this app on BITOG. It transfers everything, including downloaded programs. I haven't used it, but looked into it (will be switching from XP to WIndows 7).