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    2021 Mobil 1 Rebate?

    Mobil Delvac Prepaid Card came in the mail today $27. That comes to 8.43 a Jug after rebate.
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    SuperTech ST9688 new look, same filter.

    Well right there on the box that important stuff 99% efficiency but they just leave out one little Important part at how many microns. You can BS most of the people some of the time!
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    2001 Toyota Avalon - 1MZ-FE engine......"cleaning oil"

    Well RP may be great oil I've never used it before. But at $35 a Jug I never will. But about 15 month ago I found some on close at Wally World $20 a Jug just barely made my cut off point but I bought two Jugs. We're about to find out how great it is!
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    I need help understanding if Redline or Amsoil is worth it.

    I have never seen anyone show me proof other than computer models that show CAFE oil gives real better MPG. I've tested this theory in my Duramax and the Corolla for better than 14 years now. Have to tell you I'm a total non-believer in that BS!
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    Shield Plus Prices

    Look at perhaps 2024!
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    Filter delivery!

    I've noticed that RA has dropped the filter efficiency rating information on their oil filters. Probably going to cost them business here. First two things I look for Price and efficiency.
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    First Oil Change

    Yes and they have a current Rebate! (y)
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    Should I change Oil

    Change it when it gets to 5K miles. Just curious a friend wants to know do you change it or does the Oil Store or the Stealership do it?
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    WM Available 10W30 Synthetic Oils ?

    We all make our choices in life. As far as this is concerned this would likely be my choice its on sale with a Rebate...
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    Fram Orange can increase price at Walmart ?

    That being the case I see no reason not to move right to the TG better filter efficiency at 20 microns would make it my pick instantly.
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    Purolator PL10111 C&P

    I've used the New Blue can on the Corolla a couple OCI's ago I think it was over 6K miles it looked great. But off and on I've used the Purolator's on the Corolla since just before 2010 I've yet to have a bad one. I didn't look but I'm sure I posted a C&P on this Blue Can.
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    Recommend oil for 2011 Camry LE ???

    Oh my goodness 10W-30 in a CAFE car and it didn't die instantaneously 😎
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    Purolator PL10111 C&P

    Is this the New Purolator One (Blue can) or the Old Purolator PureONE in the Gold can that I believe is now discontinued?
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    Ferrari 812 Superfast Oil Consumption

    When you buy a car like this that is supposed to be in what we could refer to as the upper crust in cost and prestige well frankly I'd be expecting a whole lot more. In fact I'm likely going to use the money for that purchase on my next 10 Toyota's and have lots of money left over!
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    2015 Nissan Frontier SV 4.0L 2wd 80k miles

    Mobil 1 on Rollback for $22 and something at WM with current rebate that would be where I'd be going.