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    Anyone want to test a 2x Filter Manifold I made?

    Its a 1-14 Thread, I don't have a list handy but I'm curious what filters have been review on this forum already that fit.
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    Anyone want to test a 2x Filter Manifold I made?

    @Colt45 Thank you! its great to hear positive feed back on the design. Other people on other forums are not so nice <img src="/forums/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="smile" title="smile" height="15" width="15" /> Keep in mind this was purpose built for fuel-filtration. Specifically: very dirty...
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    Anyone want to test a 2x Filter Manifold I made?

    I am not entirely sure the best way to go about it. I have a lot of time/energy and $ in each of these little guys so I can't give them away, but I could loan one out. If someone has a new build or is very serious about getting one to keep I could be easily convinced to send one out below my...
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    Anyone want to test a 2x Filter Manifold I made?

    Thank you dnewton3, I wasn't really sure what this fell under.
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    Anyone want to test a 2x Filter Manifold I made?

    Hey, its been years since I've regularly posted here. (Oh how I miss this site!) I do a lot of work in Alternative Fuels, I specifically designed this manifold to filter Diesel, Biodiesel and Plant oils. Along with any wacky blends of everything else people like to run, in a safer more...
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    Free Vavoline on the net, (link to

    This is the first time I've seen oil on here, but its an awesome price, FREE!!! <a href="" target="_blank"></a> I hope this helps those of you that use this stuff! I love this website, I'm addicted to it sometimes, It makes me buy things I dont...
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    SuperTech 100% Sythetic oil?

    Well considering its only $7.50 a 5qt jug were I live, thats still a rather good price per qt if the stuff is worth much of anything. So the question is, how does it hold up to other oils in its price catagory? normal supertech seems OK and its EXTREMELY cheap. if this stuff is DECENT...
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    Hey! Let's make our own oil...

    uhh... les what you talking about man? I'm not sure what to make of aproduct like that.
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    Hey! Let's make our own oil...

    ok Ok, maybe it would be a little bit difficult to chip away at mobil. BUT. why not come up with a blend that would provide the best overal protection and the longest interval for a specific class. For example. If you own a 4 Door sedan, 4 or 6 cyninder. non-turbo and do 50/50 highway...
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    The big question: Does synthetic oil increase the life of your engine?

    I understand some peoples outlook that it doesnt matter because after X miles you'll have a new car anyway. Unfortunately this is often true, but there are some people. (myself included) that dont want to produce another rusting heap at the local junk yard. That kind of senseless waste isnt...
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    Supertech Synthetic? anyone got the scoop?

    I seen at all wally world the other day I think it was less then $8 for 5qts. Maybe I didnt look hard enough but I dont see any UOA's on it and no one seems to be talking about it. Any have any clue on the quality of this stuff?
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    seldom driven miata dino or synthetic

    ewww 5mi per day. it sounds like the car might never even really warm up... If thats the case I'd be concerned about start up wear more then anything. Ultimately its not alot of miles your putting on it but how many cold starts. I'm certianly not anyone worthy of advice. But... I'd...
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    M1 5x30 In a Saturn DOHC? Too thin? who's tried it?

    I've heard two that saturns own line of engines are quite durable. Its just that they can be hard on oil. My DOHC has 73k on it. and its running like a champ. I really forsee it going at least double that distance before I have any problems with the engine anyway. I hope the tranny lasts as...
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    sludge under valve cover?

    !!! did you say 25k oil changes? 4 YEARS? *head-spinning* this is "quite" impressive...
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    M1 5x30 In a Saturn DOHC? Too thin? who's tried it?

    I know these engines have alot of "room" under the valve cover with the cams and timing chaings and what not. I like the idea of a thinner better "flowing" oil reaching all these critical parts of the engine. I believe the recomended oil is 10w30, I've been using it all along. I'm about to...