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    Motorola MA1

    If you have an Android Auto equipped auto that requires a USB wired connection the new Motorola MA1 provides a wireless Bluetooth connection to your Android Auto.
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    Best brake bleeding tool

    I've used the Motive Power Bleeder for years with great results and a turkey baster to empty the brake fluid reservoir prior to filling with Ate TYP 200 brake fluid.
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    How to? Clean non/Wet Look Tires?

    I use Adams Graphene Tire Dressing after cleaning wheels/tires with P&S Brake Buster Wheel Cleaner.
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    Looking for a good tire dressing

    For a matt tire finish I use Adams Graphene After cleaning with P&S Brake Buster.
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    Kia K5 GT oil suggestions

    I have the same 2.5T engine in my 2021 Hyundai Sonata N Line. The recommended oil is 0W-30 full synthetic. I did my first oil change at 1200 miles with Mobil1 AFE and the second change at 6000 miles same oil.
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    What oil do you use?

    My 2021 2.5T powered Sonata N Line calls for 0W-30 full synthetic so I use Mobil1 AFE.
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    Need a tire pressure gauge

    My go to tire pressure gauge is a 4" Longacre 60PSI analog with pressure release valve. No two pressure gauges will read exactly the same so pick the one you like and stick with it.
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    Would you use 0W30 instead of 0W20?

    My 2.5T powered Sonata N Line calls for 0W-30 full synthetic so while under warranty that's what I'll use.
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    Great price, $13, for old style with the metal locating screws which tend to corrode over time. The new model has plastic locating screws. Is that worth an additional $27? Probably not!
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    Lug nut socket set

    I use the 17mm version on my BMW lug bolts.
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    Same price here in Seattle with store pickup. Also good price on the bucket dolly...
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    Great deal on this detail creeper seat from NAPA: Same product here for 3X:
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    2021 Kia K5 GT oil filter recommendations

    The Smartstream G2.5T-GDi engine uses Service Kit-Oil Filter P/N 26350-2S000 which includes the canister paper filter, canister drain plug, canister gasket and oil drain plug gasket. You need an 8mm Allen socket to remove/replace the canister drain plug and a 27mm socket to remove/replace the...
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    What Did You Wash or Detail Today?

    Stopped raining long enough to wash my white 2021 Sonata N Line.
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    Who uses microfiber towels?

    I switched from cotton to microfiber several years ago. I buy most of microfiber products from the Rag Company via Amazon. I clean my microfiber using the Pan Method with Tide Free and Gentle and vinegar in the bleach dispenser.