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    Stud Finder Suggestions

    The one at Harbor Freight, Franklin, is the best on the market. I have 7, several Zircon, 2 other brands, and 2 Franklins.
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    I need brand recommendations for a 4 1/4" diamond hole saw

    I need brand recommendations for a 4 1/4" diamond hole saw. I need to drill a hole in a cinder block chimney for a 4" hot water heater vent pipe. Ideally I need the bit only if it's compatible with a Milwaukee arbor, otherwise I'll take ...?..
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    Size tank for portable air compressor

    I'm interested replacing my cheap oilless Campbell Hausfield because it's getting tired, taking a long time to build pressure and Loud! Besides the tank is small. What size tank should I get for a DIY 1 man to run a framing gun to build a deck, shed,... Pancakes such as Porter Cable, Bostitch...
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    What! New car I can't change rear brakes w/o scanner w brake servicing?

    My 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe SEL Plus at 40,000 miles needs rear brakes. Very disappointing. It has an electric parking brake. To retract the electric brake do I need a special scan tool, if so, what do I look for? If not, can I un-bolt the electric brake and rebolt it back? Would there be...
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    Triangle warning light came on now off, cancel dealer appt?

    I went to Advanced Auto and had them read the codes but unfortunately they Saud it only reads the public engine codes and not dealer only codes which are proprietary to their equipment. I'll send them an email and see how they respond. As Incognito_2u, it's good to document it.
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    What's a Good Method to Sharpen a Serrated Knife?

    I have a $40 knife sharpener, works great but on serrated knives, it removes the serrations. You can use a belt sander.
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    Triangle warning light came on now off, cancel dealer appt?

    2019 Hyundai Santa Fe 35,500 miles, temperature 12°F, a few days ago wife drove to work 15 miles, immediately a triangle with an exclamation in the middle came on for the entire trip. I called the dealer to make an appointment for 2/1. On the way home there was no triangle and none since. Is...
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    Pressure washer choices

    Electrics don't last. Unless you are spending $800+, buy any gas, M-T-M is a good brand, don't buy Dewalt. Get a wand with removable tips.
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    Bleeding brakes on 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe with electronic parking brake

    I want to bleed the brakes on my 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe SEL Plus with electronic retracting parking brake. I've bled lots of cars, besides replacing shoes and pads. Is there anything different on this vehicle I need to know? Just open the bleeder valve and pump the brake? I use a hose in to a...
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    What are your thoughts on White Castle?

    At White Castle you buy the bun then ask Where's the beef?
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    Recommend a decent polisher please....

    I have a HF Bauer
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    Would you buy HF Zurich code readers

    Would you buy Harbor Freight Zurich auto code readers?
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    Michelin Defender LTX or CrossClimate SUV

    Hyundai Santa Fe SEL Plus, 235x60x18, in Central New Jersey, drives 14,000 miles/yr, no more than 20 miles each way to work or to see kids, mostly day, no rain or snow but if it's raining you gotta get to work or get home from the kids/grandkids. We have 2-5 snows per year. Which tire Michelin...
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    Now I have 2 Random Orbital Buffers, keep 1, keep both?

    I need help to decide. Up to a few days ago, I had only a 2 handle Craftsman and a Ryobi random orbital buffer. I have 2 cars in the family but I detail several cars for others during the year. It's nice to do this part time and pick up a few extra dollars. I may want to do a few more. However...