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    Jeep 3.6 Pentastar

    Thanks. Another good thing to know. I bought a Maxcare lifetime warranty, but I’ll bet that isn’t covered on it. So far, no problems with the dash.
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    Jeep 3.6 Pentastar

    Good to know. I have a '14, 3.6 Overland, too. I'm only at about 67K, but faultless so far.
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    Half Off Tekton

    FYI. Not sure if this is true at all Meijer stores, but the one I just returned from had all their Tekton tools at half off. They appear to be closing out their tool section. It was fairly well picked over, but I was able to get a $70 socket set and ratchet that rang up for $25. Still a lot of...
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    Spark plug - what a difference

    I pictured a high tech factory instead of a sweat shop.
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    Mopar Date Codes

    Thanks. Makes sense. I’ll probably cut it open. I put a newer one I purchased from the dealer on the Hellcat. (Who was two dollars cheaper, BTW.)
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    Mopar Date Codes

    MO-899 I picked up at an Autozone. Any guesses. Thanks.
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    Best "gimmick" plugs?

    So, I guess e3's are gtg in OPE and Top Fuel. :p
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    Decent job at Valvoline Instant Oil Change.

    VIOC near me was very good when I used it for years. Since I've retired and my teenaged drivers are grown and out of the house, I'm back to doing my own changes. The Jiffy Lube was awful.
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    Mopar MO-452 cut and post from 2005 Jeep GC 3.7L - 4,900 miles 165,000 miles on vehicle

    Ask your doctor if Stellantis is right for you. (horrible name)
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    Toro Timemaster $450 flip

    Mine has been great for 13 years.
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    Nice louvers.
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    Upgraded to a new (used) lawn mower!

    Mine has been perfect for 13 years.
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    First oil filter you ever bought

    Would have been in 1968 for a ‘65 Corvair. AC Delco, maybe?
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    FRAM Ultra XG11665 [10K Miles]

    The CH11665s I use in my ‘14 JGC Pentastar always come out perfectly straight. Does everyone firmly snap the filter into the cap before installing? I only run them 5k due a lot of short trips.
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    Magic Creeper

    Seems like it will only creep a short way and then you'll be off the end.