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    Credits for consolidating Amazon deliveries

    "An exclusive, FREE delivery option for Prime members where you pick your delivery day - your Amazon Day. You can make Amazon Day Delivery your preferred delivery option and we'll deliver your items on the same day each week. Or you can choose your delivery day every time you checkout."...
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    Firestick question.

    Have you considered a small antenna and broadcast television?
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    Motorcraft Spark Plugs

    Should also be on the emissions sticker under the hood.
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    Pretty disappointed in Sonic

    I used to love their burgers, then they took away the choice of mayonnaise or mustard and now slop both on with ketchup to the point it only tastes like 'sauce.'
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    Can you turn off the fake sound in newer hybrids and EV's?

    You can... not legally.
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    Explain this fuel injection wiring diagram

    Does this mean the biggest fuel savings in direct injection comes from not being batched fired?
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    What padding for auto carpeting?

    After all the work of removing the old stuff, I would upgrade to a Butyl sound deadener. Much better at blocking road noise, good at blocking heat, and waterproof. Applied properly it will bond to the floorplan, so keep your drain holes under the door trim clear...
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    Angled parking with one-way rows....why do people pull through?

    In the company truck, company policy is back-in parking. with the end result being the same as pull-through parking. Fortunately Walmart has the only angled parking spots, but most lanes are two way.
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    Did I really just fix extended crank that easily? - 2007 Mercury Montego

    And hazardous waste disposal fee for the used contents of the aerosol can.
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    Home air conditioning maintenance

    In the future you can "test" before buying any parts. While it's humming, Use a small green twig to "pushstart" the fan. If it comes up to speed without much effort its very likely the start capacitor. Doing this several times. or fan on top for multiple cycles killed my fan a few years ago. So...
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    An easier way to charge vehicles at home

    Where I live, if a house was built with 100 amp service, The wire from the transformer to the meter was sized accordingly. So a panel upgrade here would also require an upgrade to the transformer. Might work in other areas, but older homes around here, not so much.
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    Tesla tire tax... Ouch!

    OEM Tesla tires have dense foam inside under the tread area.,acts%20as%20a%20sound%20absorber.
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    Purpose of a treadmill?

    Just looked up average jogging speed, it's 4 to 6 mph. I think the point is to reach your target heart rate for half an hour.
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    Odd thing when I Google Walmart

    Why are you searching? Just put the .com at the end of walmart. like this... You go from any page you are on directly to your destination.