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    RAM Transfer Case Fluid

    I run any atf+4 in the same transfer case as well as in the transfer case of my 2019 3500, no issues with either, my last change was with that universal Castrol, seems good but I rarely keep my trucks past 200k so it will easily last as long as I need it to. Keep that tc oil clean and fresh to...
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    Castrol universal ATF

    I’ve put this stuff in a 2015 outback and a 2018 Honda cvt about 10k ago for each and nothing wrong yet, it’s way cheaper than Subaru and Honda fluid. I don’t drive hard at all though so if you do you may want to consider the oem fluid or something cvt specific. I also used it in the transfer...
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    Kirkland Synthetic oil

    Been running Kirkland oil in accord 1.5t and. Outback 2.5 since it came out, so a good while. Accord has 60k and has only ever had Amazon and Kirkland and hasn’t given me any read to think I should switch oils. Outback has 120k and gets has had the cheapest syn I could find, also no issues...
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    NEW Kirkland 15w-40 Diesel engine oil

    Just put 3 gallons of Kirkland 15w40 in my Cummins 6.7, I hope I make it through the weekend without blowing up the engine.