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    Made me wonder about the diaganosis.

    Watching a show last night. Kind of like wheeler dealers but an American version. The mechanic was checking out a car. I thing a Saab or similar. 4 cylinder engine. The car ideling with the radiator cap off. He revved the engine and coolant shot out of the radiator. Bad head gasket he said...
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    Im about done with microfiber

    Again thanks for all the advise on how to treat the microfiber. Its great. However its harder than you think for me to treat these things like I should. So with that its back to cotton for me. You guys can contine to treat the rag special and better than anything else. I just cant do it in my...
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    Im about done with microfiber

    I know its me along with the cheap microfiber. The microfiber does not have a special place and treated gingerly. Im 60yrs old been using cotton without really any issues. Im not going to go very far to treat the microfiber like its that special. I keep my cars clean and driven. They are not...
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    Im about done with microfiber

    Microfiber is the way to go you say. So much better you say. Well I must be doing it wrong. All my microfiber picks up just about any speck of dirt or junk and wont let go. They are no better than grease rags at this point. The junk wont wash out and I am not going to pick every speck out by...
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    Do you warm up your car before taking off?

    I have a dodge.The only reason I warm it up some is so the ticking isnt so bad when I take off. After 5 min no ticking.
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    New trick with rustproofing coatings

    might try that with my fluid film. You know how great that stuff smells
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    2012 Ram 1500 4.7 wrong oil

    Originally the 4.7 was specked to 5w30. Then it was changed to 5w20 for the whole line of 4.7s reguardless of age. Its funny the dealer put 5w30 in. Maybe they know something the factory techs don't.
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    Is anybody getting up early just to work on your car and beat the heat?

    I have a heated and cooled garage so it makes no difference to me. Im spoiled and you wouldnt catch me working on the car in the heat unless it was an emergency.
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    darn gas cap

    I got a lawnboy mower from the brother in law. Last time he used it just would not stay running. It has a honda engine.Of course that was 5+yrs ago. Gas still in the carb and destroyed it. Carbs are cheap so I got one and put it in. Has the same problem he had described. It will run for a few...
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    How can wives not notice this stuff.

    Its funny what people notice and what they don't. For me I work on machines in mechanical rooms on a college campus. I can walk into any of the 40 or so mech rooms an notice instantly if something dosent sound right for that particular room. Same thing with the vehicles. Instantly will notice if...
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    an oil change story

    1995 geo tracker soft top. I drive mostly in summer but I got a snow plow for it for last winter. It works great. I do 3000 mile oil changes. Mostly because I like to run 10W40 summer and 5W30 in winter. Its got 184000 miles so a little thicker in summer helps the idle oil pressure. Today...
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    How much oil have you had on your skin over the years?

    Well I Im a systems mechanic.Oil on my hands and arms usually before 8am everyday 5 days a week. I even try to wear gloves. No issues except the only way to really get my hands clean is wash the dishes at home. Im sure there is some study that would say all the grease and oil is going to kill...
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    A little ramp mishap..

    I never had much luck with ramps. Never could drive up on them safely. I can put a floor jack and a jack stand under there faster than I could ever get up on a a ramp.
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    Ram 1500 4.7 oil suggestion + filter

    Well with the dodge 4.7 running much more that 3000 is a risk due to possible sludge issues. 0W20 is the updated recommendation for oil. Ive been running that in mine for the last 2 changes with no issues. going back to the 5W30 next change for the summer. I might go to 5000 for the next change...
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    Use a garden sprayer pump to fill oil

    I have been using something similar the this for 20+ yrs. Mine holds 1qt so I can keep track <a href=""...