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    Pennzoil Platinum 0W20, 5,825 miles, 2017 Civic 1.5T

    I am surprised that there is really no hint of fuel dilution, which is a common occurrence with these engines specifically. This OCI length looks good, i would stick with it. Thanks for the report.
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    Kendall GT-1 Max 0W20, 5,000 miles, 2019 RX 350

    Thanks for the report. I feel like 10k miles oci is a little bit too far, what about 7.5k miles? What filter did you use with this oci?
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    Does 5W-30 REALLY protect better than 5W-20?

    I understand your argument but I think most in this forum do. People whom properly maintain their vehicles at least do it once a blue moon.
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    Inside the engine of my 98 Camry (276K; 4 cyl)

    It looks like your aunt was a proper owner; having such a clean engine shows that it was well taken care of over its life(taking into consideration engine rebuild), even with all of the mileage on the frame. Per specification, I feel like anything SAE 30 Weight would work for it, knowing the...
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    Use Vehicle Shopping: <$7K sedan/wagon that is reliable + easy to fix

    Honda's are generally very much reliable, but from a used car perspective, do avoid anything that is v6 that is mated to a 5 speed auto. Older Honda transmissions are built like AMT's (automated manual transmissions), and because of this, the clutch plates are smaller in comparison to the...
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    Fram extra guard oil filter best oil filter ever.

    Whatever tickles your fancy.
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    OCI for my Frontier

    You can pretty much interchange those filters. Any application that takes a 6607 can run a 7317 without any issues.
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    Lets see the cars!!!!

    Most of these A-spec 3rd gens with the 6mt get slept down to them being a 4 door. They will smoke NA vq's anyday
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    Suggestions for Oil Filters

    Bosch premium is decent as well, but too narrow of a price difference between wix and bosch. go with the wix gold. If you want to spend a lil bit more you can get yourself a fram UG, or wix XP.
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    I drive a nissan frontier with the same engine for my work everyday. Not the most powerful motor, but an honest one. Very easy on oil and other components. No wonder so many fleets use them.
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    Honda HR-V 72k mi, 4.4k mi OCI, Total Quartz INEO Long Life 0W-20

    I know that this car does a whole lot of short trips, but does it also get warmed up to a decent extent every morning? That can help with fuel dilution. As for other measures, have you considered switching towards a thicker oil to compensate for the excessive fuel dilution?
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    Do transmission shifts "firm up" with use?

    This is typical for a transmission that is adapted to your driving style. I may be wrong, but I think that Mercedes was one of the first ones to do this with their 722.6 5 speed auto back in the late 90s. Continue to drive without any worry. Once the car gets broken in, step on the gas every...
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    Post your latest oil change

    2009 Honda Accord LX-P 4 door 2.4L K24z2 I4 Out: PPHM 5w-20, Stp 6607XL, 3qts Valvoline maxlife ATF In: PPHM 5w-20, Bosch Premium 3323, 3qts Honda Dw-1 ATF Transmission fluid will be drain and filled again one week later to remove last traces of Valvoline maxlife. Engine oil was changed at 15%...
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    Post your latest oil change

    probably down to being a direct injection engine. k24w engine family if I remember correctly.