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    HVAC "Advice"

    My cost for the Daikin 4-ton multiport condensing unit, the 3-ton indoor air handler, 1.5-ton indoor air handler, branch Y-connectors, and other required Daikin accessories was $6200. Other parts/materials/ductwork was about $2200, the rest was labor. 3 men worked for 4 days on the change out.
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    Traveling Respiratory Therapists being offered $140 an hour to work at hospitals

    My daughter wants to get into the RT program at her college in June. It’s the only or one of two colleges in AL that have a bachelors degree in RT. They let 25 kids in a year. That is probably more to do with the shortage and higher wage than anything else.
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    Counties with emissions testing

    13 counties in GA. A whopping <3% fail. But let’s send 97%+ to get an inspection and pay $20 more before they renew their tag
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    GM Ecotec 1.4L - Wrong Oil Filter Installed by Dealer - Engine Damage

    Oh, I don't know. This was a new vehicle purchase. Every new vehicle I've bought has had the dealer sales people stress at how I ought to get all the service done there because they really know what they are doing. Every vehicle's owner manual states in several places how the authorized...
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    GM Ecotec 1.4L - Wrong Oil Filter Installed by Dealer - Engine Damage

    Huh? The Stink has already happened. The "highly qualified Dealer service department, who knows your vehicle better than anyone", put the wrong filter on. Seems there's plenty of info out there in GM world about using the correct filter for the engine. Did the dealer not have the VIN of the...
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    GM Ecotec 1.4L - Wrong Oil Filter Installed by Dealer - Engine Damage

    LOL Seems like SSDD, normal procedure for Gen'ral Motahs. I'll never understand why they are still in business. Do I want a 2021 Suburban or Yukon XL? YES. They are sharp looking. But I know, under that micro-thin sheet metal.....
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    Why Cylinder Deactivation Can Cause Engine Failure (Honda)

    Honda also screwed up the world's best 4-cylinder (Mid 2000's era) 2.4L engine in 2011-2014. It boggles my mind why these hugely successful companies let some hair-brained, highly-educated, poorly experienced "engineer", accountant and marketing people come into their companies and basically...
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    Why Cylinder Deactivation Can Cause Engine Failure (Honda)

    You say that like GM is some great power of automobile manufacturing and reliability.
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    Anybody getting tired of South Main Auto?

    I'm subscribed to Precision but have never watched much. I'm sure I would love it, it's that I'm kinda scared to see something that involved. :) I can't remember if I'm sub'd to Happiness but I've watched a lot of her videos. She does an excellent job. Which brings up a point- many people...
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    Anybody getting tired of South Main Auto?

    You were probably the target audience of that reply....
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    Why the Different Crossing Pattern When Rotating Tires

    Oh come on! You don't want to over analyze this to death and talk about the various means and methods that could be used in order to achieve maximum "up-time" and lowest total cost of ownership and best ownership experience?
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    Anybody getting tired of South Main Auto?

    Mike with Outdoors with the Morgans just bought a $70,000 Kubota Mini-Ex......just to have. If there's ever a deserving family benefiting from entertainment on YT, it's the Morgans, 100%. This country would be 100 times better off with 200 more million of them.
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    Anybody getting tired of South Main Auto?

    Do any of you keyboard analysts ever contemplate in your Excel sheets of everything analyzation that 95% of his viewers are looking for help in repairing their vehicles and appreciate someone videoing the procedure or something close to show them someone else's experience?
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    Anyone removed window tint themselves?

    Paid $20 to have both front windows done Friday and then $100 to put 20% tint on I think I did good
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    Is Redline Good For Your Car's Engine? Italian Tune Up

    A lot of dirt tracks have opened up a class called Hot Shots or similar. It’s all FWD cars, 2.4L and below, mostly Toyota’s and Honda’s as expected but a mix of Neons and such. Anyway, these aren’t built cars/engines and they probably run near redline for 10-12 laps every week and the same cars...