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    One tough little Corolla

    Do you actually think it was safer to chase him through town and finally spin him out , or stop it in that field with the same tactic used, ? not to mention he was almost at a complete stop in the field.
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    Cleaned up the boy's truck today.

    Nice to spend time like that with the kids !! Really like those rims on the truck .
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    One tough little Corolla

    But its fine to blow through lights and stops signs at high rates of speed . reread my post ! the tahoe could have spun him out in the field and ended it early . And they could have boxed him in and stopped it there as well they were barely moving at that point. I never mentioned boxing in on...
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    One tough little Corolla

    extremely lucky no one was hurt in that chase, piss poor box in tactics by the police that should have been over in the muddy field.
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    Broken Window Pane-Any Ideas on Repairs(and how it might have happened)

    How old is the house ? possible stress fracture from settling ?
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    What Is this Tool?

    prototype slap chop.
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    DI turbo spark plugs pics, what do you think, LSPI ?

    Hi ethanol content gas ( E 85 ) ?
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    My new car.

    Looks like a buick
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    Anyone with insight on awd 3.7 taurus interceptor.

    how did you manage to score that ? If you don't mind telling how much did you pay for it.
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    Anyone with insight on awd 3.7 taurus interceptor.

    saw some of your posts on a taurus form ! how many miles did it have on it ? Man if we got caught driving with those flashing red and blues here in Canada , You know the saying up :poop: creek...........
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    Listen to this conversation 😂🤣

    Those two turds should be flushed into the slime pond.
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    What is the mileage you normally run an OCI?

    10,000 kilometers , 6,000 miles or one year.
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    Dodge Viper

    POS not really. A high maintenance vehicle that probably has been driven hard and neglected.
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    Bah Humbug! No Christmas spirit here!

    also split in the pipe possibly above water line sucking air.
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    Anyone with insight on awd 3.7 taurus interceptor.

    As the title states !