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    Mobil 1 5W30 in Subaru Outback Turbo 3750 mi OCI

    Thanks for all the info. I thought M1 5W30 was more sought after in Subaru turbos, I guess not the case. I may just get a few jugs of the Rotella and run that. I really don't care about fuel mileage in this car since it's rarely driven and only gets low 20s/gal anyhow. Thanks again for all...
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    Mobil 1 5W30 in Subaru Outback Turbo 3750 mi OCI

    The manual recommends 3750 oci on all turbo models with any 5W30. I can get the M1 5W30 for less than $5/qt, so it's no big deal. Just seeing if anyone goes 5K on the turbos?
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    Mobil 1 5W30 in Subaru Outback Turbo 3750 mi OCI

    Hello all, a quick question for Subaru owners. I just bought a 2008 Outback 2.5 XT Turbo which calls for 5W30. I'm running M1 5W30 which I hear it loves from other Subaru owners. But, Subaru recommends 3750 mile oci with the turbo models. Is it just a waste of money or can I extend these...
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    OK, will an engine last 1,000,000 miles on 6-8 OCI

    I'll say maybe and I'll tell you why. I consider the Toyota 3.4L V6 (and the 2.4L 4cyl) some of the finest engines every built and I personally know delivery drivers here in CO that have the current mileages on their odos with no rebuilds, except the 2.4L had a rebuilt top end . All of them...
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    Mobil 1 0W30

    That's what I thought, thanks for the info. Do you think these Amsoil filters can go 15k miles?
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    13,000 miles on cheap dino !!!

    The longest I've gone (by mistake) is 18,000 miles on Delvac 5W40 in a V6 Toy 4Runner. Good thing it was Delvac, I'm sure there would have been problems with regular dino!
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    Mobil 1 0W30

    Well, I'm back down in Boulder at 5200 ft. But, it still gets below zero quite a few times a year. I want to go 8K+ oci with an Amsoil filter. My current oci is 7K with M1 5W30. I'm not into analysis, so it's just a guess which has been fine for 90K miles!
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    Mobil 1 0W30

    I haven't been here in a few years and I have a question. I know i'm lazy and haven't used the search funtion, but what do you guys think of M1 0W30 synthetic? 5W30 was out of stock, so I went with the 0W30 instead. Seems like a smart move for the winter.
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    OCI-3,000 mile/Synthetic

    "OCI of 3k with dino is ridiculous" Then 3k or less OCI with a Synthetic would be ludicrous! My last change with synth was 2600 miles. The reason because of a winter-short trip-fuel dillution issue. There are many reasons for differing OCIs and oil uses.
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    Four (4) different Castrol 0W-30's

    Gmorg explains it quite well. As for AEHaas going to the dark side with a 40Wt, I think he's partial to specific oils for different applications.
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    Pentosin Pentospeed 0W-30 VS, I found a retailer!!!!!Can we get a discount

    I only see 5W40 on their site, which is not easily navigated. Anyone have a link to the 0W30?
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    GC Tacoma V6, anyone

    I've run GC Green in my 3.4L Tacoma the past 7 OCIs. Great -0F starts and no consumption, as expected from a heavy 30 weight. It purs like a sewing machine when fully warm. Although, I have no UOA, I know the truck likes the oil. I'll run it to 6000 miles this interval and get a UOA...
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    It seems like Mobil 1 75w90 is good all 'round in a toyota taco

    M1 75W90 Gear Fluid will work fine in that Toyota Trans, many many people are doing it. But, I think SF MTL-P 75W85 is perfect for the Toyota 5Speed Trans.
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    got 6 QT more of the green

    It should be green.
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    "0521" Gold GC

    IIRC, "0528" is when GC turned Gold. But, I got 2 qts today of "0521" and it's Gold. Anyone want to enlighten me?