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    When do you guys change tires - wear bar, etc

    I guess it depends, I would change before the wear bars show up. Or sooner if there was dry rotting.
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    new laptops no longer have removable batteries?

    Knock on wood, the battery in my Mac Book Pro is going strong after 7 years. Used daily, charge lasts quite a long time.
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    new laptops no longer have removable batteries?

    It has been a long time since I have seen one with a removable battery.
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    Attempting to swap the Jetta...

    Not everyone cares as much as my wife and I. I get it.
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    What is this part? {PICS}

    Interesting. Learned something new, thank you.
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    What is this part? {PICS}

    What is the purpose of that, forgive my ignorance. I don't think my Accord has one and I don't remember such a device on our previous VW. Does it have to do with the brakes?
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    What is this part? {PICS}

    I don't recall seeing a part like this on our 2014 Jetta 1.8 TSI, and I am curious as to what this is. The vehicle is a 2020 VW Jetta 1.4 TSI.
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    Attempting to swap the Jetta...

    I will be updating you all throughout the process. Understand issues like this take time. Just today I had the scheduled dealer appointment to document the paint flaw. I should hear from VW corporate sometime early next week.
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    Attempting to swap the Jetta...

    Sorry guys, I will be updating this thread throughout the process. I did go by the VW dealer today in fact. They took pictures and confirmed the spot in under the clear coat. The service writer insisted they take the car to "detail" to have it inspected. Knowing the car would likely come back...
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    wax protection ...

    I had the same thought recently. I wonder if anyone has done an experiment. One car being the control with no wax and one being waxed on a regular basis. Say every 3 to 6 months. How would they both look in 10 years (both cars coming off the same assembly line painted the same color of course...
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    New (to me) car: Civic Si or Focus ST?

    Honda is dropping the SI for now, so get one before they are gone. Some of the Ford 2.0 EcoBoost have issues. Read some consumer reviews and look at reliability rankings and decide for yourself. I know which way I would go.
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    Subaru 2.5 Change Interval

    Typically manufactures push longer OCI, if they are scaling it back they likely have a reason.
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    2019 VW MK7 GLI / 0w20 Factory Fill 5k OCI

    I wonder what the factory fill is on these. I changed out the factory fill on our 2020 Jetta at 1,088 miles using VW / Audi 508.00 0w20 (Mobil manufactured) and will change again at 2,500 miles to wash out any residual break in material). Following OCI will be at 5,000 miles then every 5,000...
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    Wow! I am lucky to make it to 3 years on a battery. 2 years and a few months is the norm on my Accord.