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    Both look great but i prefer front engine Corvette's lines

    I don't care the the styling of the new one. Too much of a departure from traditional Corvette styling.
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    A must have

    Not a bad idea. On the same line, we have a rechargeable jump starter in the trunk of both of our cars. I recharge it every 3 months or so.
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    timing chain 07 gmc sierra 1500

    My fathers 2002 Silverado 6.0 is on the original timing chain at 220K or so. I think he has the oil changed every 5K miles or so.
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    Mach E problems...

    This ^^. Though my mother in law's 2019 Jetta (first year of MKVII) has been great save for 2 recalls (no issues with her car, just preventative). Hers was an early 2019 model, built in 2018. Not all manufacturers have these kind of flaws, at least not on a widespread level.
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    Mach E problems...

    This has been a theme with Ford lately.
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    What are you doing right now?

    My wife and I took our one year old out on a walk downtown this evening. We picked up dinner from our favorite Mexican restaurant on the way home and finished up a few minutes ago. Little one is going down for bed and I just sat down and opened up BITOG. Hello!
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    This is one reason why Amazon is winning

    Yes but that involves wiring, though simple I'd rather just screw in an adapter like the one that was previously there for decades.
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    Outdoor cat...advice?

    We are looking to get an outdoor cat. Do any of you have outdoor cats? Looking for tips / advice on care. We would likely start with a kitten around 10 or so weeks old and get him/her accustomed to outdoor living. Of course spray/neuter would be planned at the appropriate time. My main questions...
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    This is one reason why Amazon is winning

    Just last week I was looking for an old school screw in pull switch (screws in to light bulb socket and has on / off pull switch) for use in our utility room. No one locally carries them! I tried Lowes, Home Depot and Walmart, sure enough Amazon has them and it arrived in two days. I don't care...
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    Simmons Beauty Sleep Mattress

    Read reviews is my recommendation. We settled with a Tuft and Needle. Do some research then decide.
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    Pics of my S3 and thanks

    Beautiful car, nice choice! I purchase our VW spec oil (508.00) from ECS tuning. They have plenty of options and you can get oil change "kits" for a great price. The kits include oil, oil filter, drain plug/crush washer and an oil change reminder sticker.
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    All reaction scores set to zero

    Goodness, I could care less and I'm sure most feel the same. Thank you for keeping the "like" feature, that has real value.
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    Mechanic Billed Customer, Did Not Do Any Work

    Go to the independent with the old parts and tell them they can give you a full refund or you will take it to the media.
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    Mazda emblem on steering wheel shines way too bright

    Aftermarket emblem or dip it.
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    Breaking Up

    Ghosting is childish. We I've in a world full of children.