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    One of the Beastie Boys passed on..

    Posting your politicial and societal opinions (which, I'm sorry to say NOBODY CARES ABOUT) in a thread like this is like walking into somebody's wake amongst their friends and trying to start a conversation about how the guy was an [censored]. That's like coming into church and getting into a...
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    Really? REALLY?

    A house full of copper translates into probably at least a couple hundred bucks, which is then worth at least... I don't know - a whole bunch of meth.
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    Operating System: FireFox

    Firefox 12 has been good to me, though I've seen no difference since maybe 9 or 10. Whatever, I don't care; as long as it's a solid performer, I'm happy. And FYI, I'd take linux over windows any day, any time, for any purpose. It really is that good and that mature. All I do every day is use...
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    Miami-Dade loses track of 300 new cars for years.

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: antiqueshell</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Wow! Kinda reminds me of the rampant corruption in most central and south american hispanic countries. Maybe the USA should cut south florida loose and give it to Cuba . LOL...
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    levi jeans?

    I prefer Levi's 559 or 569, but I buy them at goodwill for ~$6. I buy 90%+ new condition, with just enough wear to feel broken in. I want decent quality, but I can't see shelling out more than a few dollars for pants that I wear for manual work and relaxation. If I put a rip or a tear in them, I...
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    RIP Levon Helm of the Band

    Manuel, Danko and now Helm. [censored] of a band.
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    Dehumidifier icing up

    I would agree that a new one is cheaper. To offset the cost, pull the coil and sell it for scrap. You might get $30-40 - maybe more. For a little more money, you can separate the copper and aluminum - they generally pay more when you present the metal this way.
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    Neighborhood getting hit hard.

    Without getting into specific details, it's been bad out here lately. Me and several others have put up cameras and take turns staying up nights. If any of us catches one, they're going to think they are actually in [censored]. We've had too much stolen to let them off easy. The cops are ok with...
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    do you think you live in a crazy state?

    A strange blue law: Per the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission website: "If Christmas Day or New Year's Day falls on a Sunday, liquor stores are closed the following Monday." There are a few others, but this is the only one where I have simply never been able to figure out what the motivation...
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    Small Engine air filter.

    For those that are just a block of foam: My dad taught me to rinse it out with some gas (preferably the old stuff from last year) to remove the dust and grease buildup, then rinse with running water and let it dry completely before applying about a tablespoon worth of oil and working it into the...
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    BITOG is full of snobs.

    LOL @ Mall Ninjas. I've heard 'em called Woodchucks, too. The whole "tactical everything" trend has produced some funny guys.
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    Five Guys Burgers and Fries

    Mediocre, IMO. Overpriced, too. If you're going for the "fancy" burger thing, Smashburger kills them. Me, if I'm not cooking them myself, I'd rather just go to Wendy's.
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    SILICONE and guns

    I agree with you, Pablo. Nothing wrong with a little silicone. I put a film of it on my guns that I don't plan on taking out for awhile. It's good long term storage stuff, IMO. Edit: I'm talking about pure silicone here, not something silicone-based.
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    Windows 7 licensing question

    Yeah, unfortunately that's two activations on the same license. You may need to call MS at activation time. For a home user, they really don't give you any trouble, contrary to their perception.
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    BITOG is full of snobs.

    If you don't like your job or the perception it has, get a new one.