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    Repair shops suck

    Finding a good, trustworthy repair shop is like winning the lottery now days. If you find one, whatever you do, don't do anything to screw up the relationship with the people who run it...
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    Collinite - Slow to change / adapt?

    Collinite 845 lasts at least 6 months, this has been my personal experience using it. The 476S is supposed to last even longer, in fact it says it will last at least a year right on the can. I tend to believe this based on how long the 845 lasts. I don't see how ANY spray-on liquid will out last...
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    Collinite #845

    I just used Collinite 476S (which is the paste version of the 845). Goes on and comes off just as easily as the 845 and is supposed to last longer. It says right on the can it will last at least a year, but I plan on re-applying it every 6 months just for good measure. It looks fantastic!
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    Any other CX-9 owners here?

    It's a great suburban driver. Easy parking, good visibility, and decent MPGs (though they would be better if I could keep my foot out of it, but all that torque is just so much fun)! Squirting and out of traffic is also a joy because of it's power and sure-footed handling. The ride is quiet and...
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    Any other CX-9 owners here?

    Took the CX-9 on our first long trip driving it to FL. 4 adults and all of our stuff was the load. With the 3rd row seats folded down it gave us a barely sufficient amount of space, but with 4 adults, we had a lot of stuff. Mileage averaged 24 MPGs, and the amount of power on tap at any given...
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    Older car daily drivers

    Adjust the carb? What's a carb? Lol!
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    Older car daily drivers

    Yep, right rear...
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    Anyone else leary of washing Microfiber in their washing machine?

    MF towels should be air dried. Putting them in the dryer makes them less absorbent...
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    Older car daily drivers

    Alternator, exhaust system, 3 wheels bearings, 1 window regulator...that's it I think...
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    Water spot remover...what actually works?

    A 50/50 mix of distilled vinegar and water should remove them. Rain-X will too. I put Rain-X on all of my outside glass...
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    Anyone else leary of washing Microfiber in their washing machine?

    There's no reason not to wash MF towels. I wash mine then let them air dry. Don't put them in the dryer because doing so makes them less absorbent. Those of you who just throw them away are wasting your good ones, like those from the Rag Company and they'll last for years...
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    Blacked or "night" edition vehicles new fad?

    Black vehicles are impossible to keep clean. You can wax a black vehicle and by the time you get back to where started, that part of the vehicle is already dusty again...and black wheels always look like they're covered in brake dust, even when they're clean...
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    Any other CX-9 owners here?

    So that's how they do it. Very clever!
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    Any other CX-9 owners here?

    How do they do that? Every turbo I've either had in the past, or driven had lag. This thing is instantaneous! I feels more like a blower than a turbo...
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    TW Seal & Shine

    I would have to see that with my own eyes, on my own vehicle to believe it. I easily get 6 months worth of protection from the 845, and the 476 lasts even longer....I think you'd have to go with a real ceramic to outlast the Collinite...