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    When to change out your oil after running si-1

    Best way to use it? <a href="" target="_blank"></a> I've been using Techron Concentrate and noticed NO mpg gain using the full...
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    Hyper-Lube oil additive

    I have a quart and 1/2 of the Hyperlube Racing that I bought at a discount a while ago and am finding use as a power steering leak fixer at a 1 to 4 ratio (20%) of HL to ATF. Works better than Lucas PS stop leak.
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    What has been your best Fuel System Cleaner?

    I'm using Techron concentrate at 2 oz / 10 gallons as a fuel it for $4 a bottle earlier in the year. Seeing a gain in mileage. Will probably go with SI-1 later at 1 0z/ 10 g.
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    Best oils for mpg?

    Thanks for the responses. Guess I'll go with the Mobil 1 75W-90 all around. Might try the Lubegard gear additive...since I seem to have additives on the brain. This comes from an experience with a 280ZX that typically got 24 mpg...managed an 8-10% mpg gain from using moly...teflon...militec...
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    Best oils for mpg?

    Have an '83 Tercel 4x4 wagon 62 HP engine...that is in FWD most of the time with occasional use of the rear axle. Currently using a dino 85W90 gear oil with moly in both the front diff/gearbox and the rear diff. Wanting to try Mobil 1 synth 85W90 in the transaxle (calls for GL-5) and will use...
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    Anyone try CMH Industries Fuel Additive?

    Tested Ca-40 and found no gain. Bummer.
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    Super Tech DINO Virgin 5W/30

    <img src="" alt="" /> This is from the test (not mine) where a Civic engine (w/ ECU + O2) was coupled to a generator...a load put on the gen...maybe 7 HP...and a consistent amount of gas was timed till it quit. Shows that changing to the other...
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    veg. oil and acetone added to fuel?

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> "I'm currently doing 1qt to a daytona tank (13 or 14 gallons). Plus Acetone at 3oz per 10gal. I used...
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    I managed a 7 to 10% mpg gain using a DIY HHO generater running at around 5-6 amps hot.
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    What about biodiesel mixed with gasoline?

    Try this? <a href="" target="_blank"></a> "I'm currently doing 1qt to a daytona tank (13 or 14 gallons). Plus Acetone at 3oz per...
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    Ethyl rubbing alcohol

    Last tank I saw a 10% mpg gain using a 5 to 1 ratio of Walmart 91% iso to 1 part MMoil. This = 2.3 oz of this mix to each 10 gallons....3 oz to a full 13 G tank. I use the 91 % iso because it is cheaper than Heet. When put together they will you need to shake the bottle before...
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    Engine steam cleaning? Safer than seafoam?

    Using a combination of water cleaning...a Condensator (advanced PCV jar)...running 1 pint kerosene in the oil for 20 mins at fast idle before oil changes...VSOT additive...I managed to reduce oil use in an engine from 1 qt every 5K miles to around 1/3 qt in 7K miles.
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    Super Tech DINO Virgin 5W/30

    One guy tested SuperTech 10W30 vs Chevron 15W40...AutoZone 20W50...and Mobil 1 5W-30 Truck & a homebuilt generator using a Civic car engine with O2/ECU etc....for run time. Result was a 4 to 7% LOSS in run time using the oils other than SuperTech. I'd post a link....but the site is down.
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    How often should you use gas dryer?

    I think Heet is isopropyl alcohol...have heard of some using 70% iso to remove water. Not all alcohols are act the same vs water?
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    Anyone try CMH Industries Fuel Additive?

    Bought a qt and will be testing it next tank.